Classes back in session on Wednesday at 2PM

Hi Everyone!!!!!! I am super excited to say that classes will back to regular schedule starting on Wednesday.  I have missed our weekly garthing of crafting and chatting. Classes will be back to the Wednesday and Saturday schedule until we catch up.

We will kick off classes with the Retro Fitted Mini, then move on the the Wedding mini.  I will be recording the CHA Mini this weekend so look out for that as well.  I am so happy to have my desk back!!!!

  Also, I posted a peep show on the Kit club blog. I will show the project during Wednesday’s Class. 

As always, thanks for hangin in there with me! 



  1. I was also wondering the same, I miss the classes and all but surely not this Wednesday the 4th.

  2. I was wondering the same, it’s the 4th, will the show go on??? I hope so:) xoxo

  3. Hey we miss ya gal. But are you really doing a class on Wednesday? It’s the 4th of July. I hope so but didn’t know if you were. XXXXX

  4. Gosh Kathy, I miss your show so much. Your Ustream show is the most fun and your chat group is the best too. Hope everything is going well for you…see you soon. (((hugs)))

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ya Hooooo!!! See you all wednesday DebbF

  6. Thank God….I was starting to have severe PP withdrawal….someplace I do not want to go again! You keep my creative juices flowing and funny bone tickled…I still believe a trip to the Midwest..specifically Minneapolis …..would be the all time cure! LOL. Enjoy your weekend!

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