An Amazing Project Share – Spool Style Mini Album

Hi Everyone,  I had to share this video a friend forwarded to me.  The technique is cool, but the finished project (5 min into video) is amazing!!!! I want to make one.

Is this an amazing project or what?????????


  1. Wow this is amazing, I want to give it a try. Want to see what you come up with and with what twist you’ll do to it, giving the the lady her credits tho. Amazing TFS

  2. The project looked neat. But it didn’t seem like she was having very good luck with it releasing from the cardstock she had adhered it to… I might be tempted to try it but with a repositional adhesive.

  3. I am going to try this with my imagine and stitch the paper towel to my mat. Will let you know how it works out.

  4. Thanks for sharing Kathy! What a unique idea. I have a printer scheduled to arrive today and that may be one of the first things I attempt on this new printer. Again, TFS.

  5. found this about a week ago. i was thinking of applying the napkin technique to this project.

  6. Wow! Who knew!!!

  7. Tried it today. I used quilt basting spray and so the paper towel came off very easily after printing. The only thing I suggest is to make sure the artwork or photo you are printing has high contrast so you can see the details.

  8. OMG Kathy, what a project. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. You are so amazing. Thanks again for all your projects, I love your vids. Hugs Cyndie

  9. Pretty cool idea and love the spindle roll idea to display quite a lot of photos in a decorative way. I like how she also added embellishments to the backside of the roll with no damage. Thanks for sharing Kathy 🙂

  10. Hail to the queen, Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Quack Quack.

  11. Oh My I LOVE this ladys stuff. Her stuff is pretty cool. Di

  12. Oh boy, Kathy!! thanks for sharing this video; my head is spinning with ideas! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    Carmen L

  13. SOOOOO stickin’ cool!!! Love this idea and I’m totally going to try this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. SOOOOOO Cool!!!! I’m so gonna try this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. I have this many times before I have done it on tissue paper as well I don’t use the spray glue step too messy
    just use tape at the top of the card only that way it does not tear
    Also I don’t have a ink jet printer but it still works I use it when I want a special word or stamp that I don’t have when you do this you remember the angel policy

  16. Susan Draxler says:

    Very Cool. I also liked her music.

  17. Awesome. Both the technique and the finished project. Thanks Kathy.

  18. I have watched this video so many times! She is very creative don’t you think?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mahalo nui! Love how we can use regular household products around the home! Great find!

  20. Love that project. TFS!! I guess I am off to the store to get paper towels!! lol

  21. Cool Project. I am so glad you posted that video, guess I am off to the store to get paper towels!! lol

  22. Cool!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely Beautiful and Amazing!! I want one too–How about a project from the Amazing Kathy?

  24. I have printed out on thick tissue paper but this gives a good texture to the picture thanks. Love the project also

  25. Found this too. Already on my to do list

  26. Nice find Kathy, thanks for sharing!

  27. Nice find Kathy, thanks for sharing. I can see some kind of paper mâché project in my future with that technique, although the spool was a very novel idea too!

  28. Thanks for sharing that bit of inspiration!

  29. Wowza! LOVE the spool project! The printing bit looks a bit fiddly but definitely worth trying. The music was perfect! LOL Thanks, Kathy!

  30. WOW! Thanks for sharing Kathy!

  31. Wat a small world! July is my friend fr Spore n I attended her scroll class! Talented lady 😀

  32. That is very cool. And that music is a trip too.

  33. Deborah says:

    AMAZING….. I can’t wait to see what YOU come up with…. I’ll be sitting here staring at my computer screen waiting for your video to come out ( HURRY,… please) 🙂

  34. Wow! That was so cool! I loved her project! How awesome was that!!!

    ~ Vanessa W

  35. Wow, so cool! I love how the pictures were displayed on the roll. TFS!

  36. I love that! Thank you for sharing it.

    Annette McCarty amcca8144

  37. That is pretty amazing

  38. That was crazy!! What will people think of next!!! Great find Kathy!!! Thans for sharing. Hugs Jen

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