What Happened to The Ugly Duckling?

The ugly duckling Art Canvas Mini Album turned into a Swan!


  1. You would never create an “ugly duckling” Kathy. How proud would I be to have an original “Kathy” creation. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win. Love your work. Pauline

  2. This is just stunning! Thank you for all you share.

  3. This is so beautiful!! I saw you live for the first time tonight…you are a hoot! I guess I’m not a pita virgin anymore! lol I have been watching past videos the last few days, love the Tonka Truck mini! I can’t wait to make it for my grandson! Thanks!

  4. Love the ugly duckling Kathy. I will provide a good home for it…I promise.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the inspiration. Beautiful.

  6. Beautiful!! Love it!

  7. It came out so lovely.

  8. Quite Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you for the chance to win!You did an amazing job with tnese papers. It’s comforting to know that even our favorite papercrafting velebs have re-do’s once in a while.But I love what you did on your second attempt!!! This is beautiful and I would be honored to own it!!!
    Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis.
    Your friend in papercrafting,

  10. I want to win!!!!!

  11. Kathy, this is so beautiful!

  12. Wow, that’s really awesome!!!

  13. !!!!anyone know what happend to todays class was on then never came back……what happen my Queen!!!!!

  14. This is just beautiful!

  15. Love the changes!

  16. Love the changes

  17. Anonymous says:

    Love everything about this project! You are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. love it

  19. This turned out beautiful! You do such wonderful work!!

  20. This is the absolute cutest thing!!! How did I miss this? I keep thinking there can be nothing new but leave it to Kathy to come up with whole new ideas!

  21. Absolutely beautiful – “Miracle Worker” Kathy!!!!!!!
    I would love to win this!


  22. This is really beautiful!

  23. This is really beautiful!!

  24. Extra “THANK YOU ” for this class, you showed us how to turn fugly to fabulous !

  25. Stunning! Your creativity is so abundant. TYFS!

  26. It’s beautiful as always! Jeanne

  27. Once again Kathy you amaze!

  28. Once again Kathy you amaze!

  29. Just beautiful. You gave me ideas for a mini album I want to do as a gift. My master gardener group is going on a bus tour of gardens and two are private gardens. We are getting up items for gift baskets for the owners who are so good to let 50 of us visit.

  30. This turned out absolutely gorgeous, the transformation is amazing how you brought it all together πŸ™‚ thanks so much for sharing with us! Valerie

  31. super job Kathy! It was fun that you kept working at it til you were happy with it – and not worried about showing us that. Florence Davis

  32. Absolutely beautiful Kathy!!! It is swan πŸ™‚ I love it!!! But I love EVERYTHING you do.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Ooooo La La!!! A project that just makes you smile when you look at it. Love the “Spring” theme.

  34. Wonderful as always.

  35. Gorgeous work – it really has become a swan!!

  36. Never doubted you…you have the gift of beauty. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  37. Never doubted you…you have the gift of beauty! It’s BEEEAuutiful!!!

  38. What can I say Kathy, Amazing as usual! Love to have it also!

  39. simply beautiful

  40. What an amazing project as always. Thanks for such great opportunities!

  41. This did turn out so NICE and PRETTY…Thank You Di

  42. A little bit of this, a little bit of that… does make a difference. I too, didn’t care for the paper. However, the seasonal addititons make a statement, especially the ladybug. Since I celebrated my birthday a few days ago, I think this piece should take flight to me in upstate NY near the Canadian and VT
    borders. πŸ™‚

  43. Oh Kathy… it is beautiful!!!

  44. A little bit of this, a little bit of that… can make a big difference. And, of course the addition of a ladybug steals the scene. Since I celebrated my birthday a few days ago, I think this piece should make a new home in upstate NY near the Canadian border. πŸ™‚ ladybug458

  45. It truly did turn out to be beautiful. My chat wasn’t working on ustream when you were commenting on the paper – I was agreeing with you.

    Nice job as always. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


  46. So pretty and Springy!!!!! Love it! Keep Crafting!!!!!

  47. So pretty! Real springy and flowery! Love it!!!!! Keep Crafting!!!!

  48. Amazing! What a beautiful and creative piece. Love it!

  49. Amazing! What a beautiful and creative piece. Love it! Would love to own it too.

  50. Amazing! What a beautiful and creative piece. Love it!

  51. OMG! So fun!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Very cool and a different.

  53. OMG I just love it. You are so amazing. I wish I had just a little of your talent. πŸ™‚

  54. That is amazing. It turned out beautifully. You are truly an artist! Thanks for sharing with the PITA babes.

  55. Kathy it is BEAUTIFUL……You have been watching too much Duck Dynasty! LOL Janet Santolini

  56. It looks so pretty!!!

  57. My goodness you were busy after the class. Beautiful!

  58. Love it!!! The hose is great!!! I had faith you would make it beautiful!

  59. Absolutely gorgeous Linda! And what a fun idea – a mini album on canvas – gotta love it! Have a lovely Sunday sweet lady!

  60. You just proved that our creative side makes our art unique, special and beautiful to not just us but everyone viewing it. Beauty begins from within and blossoms just as this beautiful art canvas project did for you. I am so glad you changed it so that YOU were happy and it also taught us how to problem solve if we ever feel disappointed in how a project is evolving. Love it Kathy πŸ™‚

  61. Your work is always fabulous! This one feels different though – almost like we are enjoying the outdoors on a sunny day while in flight. Just carefree & whimsicle. Love it!

  62. Fabulous, as usual. Very different feel light & airy. Has a whimsical feel to me. Almost feel like I am a butterfly in flight enjoying someone’s yard on a sunny day.

  63. That is so pretty! What paper line did you use for this?

  64. Your work is always fabulous! This one feels different though – almost like we are enjoying the outdoors on a sunny day while in flight. Just carefree & whimsicle. Love it!

  65. Love all your projects. Glad yo finaly liked what it became

  66. How many hours are in your day? When do you have time to sleep? Do you sleep???? I love all of your work. What I don’t understand is how you come up with all these wonderful and unique projects, make them, film them, write up the tutorials and sleep. Inquiring minds wanna know!
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  67. Gorgeous and clever as always. PITAs rule!

  68. PS–what did you use for the green hose?
    How cute is that!!

  69. I LOVE IT!!!
    Looks fabulous!!

    Lori M

  70. OMGOSH! This is fantastic!!I could easily find a place for it in my home!!! I LOVE THIS!

  71. always beautiful

  72. What a fun project, Kathy! It turned out so beautiful! Still, I loved how you continued to make changes when necessary! That gives me the courage to do the same…when it’s just not right don’t be afraid to re do it!!! Thanks!

    ~Vanessa W

  73. I watched the video last night. You did an amazing job bringing this to the next Kathy level!! Also, if there is a cruise being planned I’m in!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Another new idea…..do you ever run out??? I hope not!!

  75. Turned out great! Love the black.

  76. That is amazing!!

  77. Kathy, you accepted the challenge and struck it out of the ballpark! The black cardstock was exactly what the “fugly” paper needed. I’m with you its not a very exciting paperline but with the “right” accesories a girl can tranform an “outfit”! lol

  78. Looks like Spring! Love everything you make.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Kathy, I agree no matter what you make, it’s terrific!!! Hope to work on my canvas mini today! Thanks,

  80. Kathy!
    OMG! It DID turn into a SWAN! LOVIN’ IT! I really like the little garden scene. Awesome job!!!! (want it!)

  81. It’s so springy!!! Love love love it!!!
    Jen Wright

  82. This feels so Springy!! Love love!!!

  83. Sometimes I wonder where are you mind flying to create such nice things…I wish my mind fly in the same place…..lol

  84. Oh MY!!! I LOVE this!!!!

  85. Awsome as always!! It turned out so peeerrtty πŸ™‚

  86. Awsome as always!!!! It turned out so preeeetty πŸ™‚

  87. Anonymous says:

    Ag Man, this is beyond pretty,Thank you for the inspiration Kathy, I enjoy your classes!
    South africa

  88. I think its great the way you were honest about not liking it and was willing to go and pull it all apart to change it. It’s great to know the people we all follow and aspire to also make mistakes and show us it can be salvaged! It’s lovely now!

  89. OMG it’s beautiful – not that I ever doubted it, but it’s stunning. Fingers crossed I win it!!!! lol
    Take care
    Tracy x

  90. Kathy,
    What can i say?? All the things you make are Great !
    Thank you for the chance to win!

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