A Year In Review – Baby


  1. Anonymous says:

    Someone told me the 30th, which is today, but so far no such luck 🙁 I am anxiously patiently waiting also lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you know when the tutorial will be available? I have a baby shower in May but it will probably have to be a gift for when baby is born.

  3. Kathy, what have you done??? This is A–MAZ–ING!!!! I already dont have enough time to make the great things you create and now this? I LOVE LOVE this and want to make it for both my kids but OMG, where will I find the time. I guess I’ll buy the tutorial and just put it in my TO DO!!!
    God has really blessed you with a talent!!!
    Jen Wright

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kathy This project is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great!!!! Love all of your projects. New grandaughter in a few weeks . Have to make this one.

  5. You are a creative genius, I am so impressed with your work. I see the stuff others create and they are good but your projects are amazing. In my opinion, you are at the top of the list. I can’t wait to make one for my grand son and nephew. I would buy a kit if I could but that is not an option at this time, I can’t wait to get the tutorial!

  6. Kathy,
    You are simply put, a creative paper genius! I see the stuff others create and they are good but in my opinion, you are the best. You are so talented, I am in awe of the stuff you come up with. I can’t wait to make one of these. I would by the kit but my husband was in an accident and broke his neck, so he of course isn’t working. If it wasn’t for that, I would by a kit for my new grandbaby. I can still get the tutorial and I am happy to do so. Did I tell you that you are amazing, lol! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kathy, what can i say? just when i think you cannot possibly top what you have already done, you go and surprise me… how cute this is. love, love, love your work and how you make my world happier and my crafting so much more professional!!! xxxx

  8. Genius!!!!

  9. Kathy, that is absolutely adorable… this has to be one of my faves already. Great job, chica… your talent knows no bounds!!

  10. Beautiful, totally unique project. Kathy, you truly are a paper phenomenon!! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your brillian talent with all us PITAs.

  11. I definately can’t wait to get at least the tutorial. I would buy a boy and a girl kit if I could afford it.

  12. Kathy, once again you are AMAZING! love this and with as many babies as we are having in our family – this will be a great gift- even if you only do the one block and one set of minis. . thanks again for a fab project

  13. My goodness Kathy you are just simply AMAZING!!!!!


  15. Pure Genius, luv,luv, luv it!

  16. Can’t wait to purchase the tutorial!!!

  17. I love the idea that Hibouz has. Giving each family member an album to complete! Always inspired by you Kathy!

  18. I CAN’T WAIT KATHY!! I have been checking the kit section of your blog several times a day since the 1st sneak peek! Now I will be checking even more 🙂 It is a WONDERFUL heirloom piece that I can’t wait to make for each of my boys!

  19. What an amazing project Kathy. I love it.


  20. This is flat-out fabulous. I love everything that you do but this one just absolutely blows me away. Your creativity really knows no bounds, girlfriend. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. hugs, eileen

  21. Brilliant. First I thought, well there is no baby here, but now I cannot wait for the tutorial, since I now know, that I need to do it anniversary-style for my parents (50 years).
    I will give each family-member one of the minis for putting in fotos and we will give them the ensemble at the party.
    All I need is to get the tutorial in time…

  22. This may be my first kit purchase!!!

  23. Amazing, Kathy! My favorite PITA project so far! Gorgeous!

  24. Another winner!

  25. Wow! An amazing project, Kathy. Everyone is going to need this. You are brilliant!

  26. jcquinn1030@verizon.net says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – another one of a kind creation. Your creativity is just truly amazing.
    Boo52 (Janet)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Love this baby album – it is a perfect gift for those people that don’t scrapbook as the mini’s are easy to complete using just adhesive tape. Once again you showcase the gorgeous papers so well and I can’t wait to make this for several people I know. Thanks, Mary Werner

  28. Wow, Wow, Wow!! What a fabulous project!! You are way to talented!! lol I wish I have a 1/8th of your talent!

  29. every time I think you out did your self you do it again. wow this is so beautiful and yea you can do this for any thing. so THANK YOU AGAIN
    Hugs Nettie

  30. Bluemoon18 says:

    Beautiful Kathy!!! I adore this project – A true genius indeed!!!!

  31. excellent project. My mind just started buzzing with all the different possibilities and hundreds of ways to use this. You done good Kathy!! smiles, the Oz

  32. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!! I must say this is incredible!!!

  33. I must have this kit, I know ur kits sell out fast but I’m having my baby girl in two weeks and I am in love with this kit!! There is no other like it!!!! U r a true genius!!!!

  34. OMG how super is this. I’m getting a new baby grandson in 4 weeks this would be super super super. Another fabulous design. Bow to our Queen.

  35. I’m having my baby form in two weeks and I know u sell out really fast but I must have this!!_ U r a true genius!!!!

  36. It is SUCH an adorable project!! You are FABULOUS, a genius! 🙂 Lovvvvve those Graphic 45 papers.

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