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Hi Everyone!!! Here it is, an all ACCESS PASS to all Ustream Videos. This service will provide you with unlimited access for 1 year to all ustream videos NEW and OLD within your 1 year membership for $29.99. This service will allow you to download videos to your computer or watch directly from the site. Did I mention the lightening speed service?  No Skipping, No waiting, No Commericals!!!!!! & access to the site from a, PC or MAC, Ipads, Iphones or any mobile device.

How to Access the Videos

You will purchase the 1 year membership via the Paypal button below. You will be granted access in the same way you download tutorials.

1. Click on the PayPal button below
2. Complete the purchase transaction
3. Click on the Return to Paper Phenomenon link (Blue Link) in the Paypal Thank You for your purchase screen.
4. You will be directed to the website with the videos
5.  Save the page to your “Favorites” for access anytime.

Important Steps to Remember

Remember to click on the Return to Paper Phenomenon Link (Blue Link) in the Paypal screen once you have completed your purchase.

Once you are granted access and you are on the webpage with all the videos, I recommend that you save the page to your “Favorites” so you can access the site any time. 

One Year Unlimited Access to all Ustream Classes $29.99

Click on the Ustream Videos Tab above to subscribe.


  1. I just bought the membership to all of you classes on UStream and I very happy to have access to all your older classes that I have missed. My problem is with the downloads…I tried twice but can’t seem to be able to watch them from my computer. I see the titles in “My videos” from my Computer but it seems that the file is not the right kind of file for my computer. Can anyone help with how to download the videos in a more regular format? I need help!!!

  2. I paid for the membership but I didn’t use my paypal account, because I couldn’t remember my password. Now I don’t have a link to access the UStream videos. Can someone please help me?

  3. Waiting to be approved before I can see my cries for help.

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  5. ustream video link????

  6. Kathy this is great as some of the older ones do not have tutorials. You know I need alot of help! lol I never seem to catch live one anymore so I need to live with the recordings. Ustream should be ashamed of themselves for limiting your creations. Will be getting a membership soon. Hugs Suez

  7. So HAPPY. I was upset when I went to Ustream to watch on of your older classes I didn’t finish and it was gone. Love this. It’s only $2.50 a month cheaper than an on Demand movie and much more entertaining LOL

  8. Kathy –
    This is WONDERFUL! So EASY to use! I LOVE it! So much better than trying to download from Ustream!
    You are awesomely AWESOME!

  9. Kathy –
    This is WONDERFUL! SO EASY to use. I LOVE it!
    You are awesomely awesome!

  10. I am so gonna have to order a membership this weekend after I deposit my paycheck! Love the tutorials.

  11. Sherri New and Old within the 1 year membership. If you join now you will have access to all old videos and any new ones throught March 2013.

  12. Hi Kathy,
    This is probably a dumb question, but is this for only the past ustream classes or for everything going forward as well?


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