Graphic 45 Tropical Travelogue Beach Bag Tutorial

Hi All!!

The tutorial is now posted.  Don’t forget to download!  This one is a beauty and so fun to make!!! 


  1. When is the class?

  2. Another brilliant design and execution! You are one talented, creative lady! <3 Candy

  3. Can’t wait till yoga is over so I can print it! Thanks, love it.

  4. This is a fantastic mini to put together I think this is gonna be one of my fav’s!


  5. Printing tutorial out now, paper was delivered yesterday – can’t wait to get started.

  6. Oh definitely going to purchase this tutorial! Thank You Kathy you are so creative and such an inspiration.

  7. Thanks kathy!! He is so beautiful!! I’m gonna download him right now.

  8. Printing it as we speak, oh very talented lady !!!!

  9. Printing it as we speak, oh very talented lady !!!!

  10. Thanks Kathy for the awesome tutorial! Bought, downloaded, printed and ready to go! Have a great night.

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