Today’s Class– Rescheduled

Hi All– I am rescheduling today’s class to, Saturday, 2/18/2012 at 2PM CST.  We will be working on Femme Fatale. I will see you all on Saturday!!!  Life, I tell you– always gets in the way!


  1. how do i get to watch you on the ustream?

  2. yea I get to attend so looking forward to this

  3. hope you are feeling better I will have my “special seat” LOL and trying to craft along but I have sooo much fun its hard to craft during class!!!
    ps even hubby missed you on Wed….he is sooo warned not to bug me but he does come in when he hears me laughing sooo hard!

  4. hope everything is good with you Kathy. this is actually fantastic for me since I started this new job. Now I can be at the class sat!! Yippeeeeeeeeee! see you in a few days!

  5. OH Kathy is it because you want me in class and you can’t bare the thought to be without me…lol. hugs

  6. I’m new to this site…how does one get to this class?

    Kathy Billings

  7. As long as your ok! Catch you on the recording, I work Sat. Hugs! Dina

  8. I hope all is well with you and the fam. But this actually works out great for me as I can’t seem to make the Wednesday show at all lately. Thank goodness for recordings or I would not be able to get my PITA fix at all.
    Be well Kathy and we will see you on Saturday!
    AKA mandmrose

  9. Hope all is well. Question: I bought the Build a Page tutorial and was waiting on the “Hinge” video to adapt it. Is that still coming out tomorrow? I don’t want you to kill yourself to do it. Just wondering…

  10. Hope you are ok,l am sittnig here all ready, to get head phones on,now cant wait for Saturday,look after your-self.


  11. I hope that you are doing ok and didn’t work yourself out see you Saturday. Take care

  12. I’ll be right next to you Eileen. moniemouse (monica)

  13. Hope all is well!

  14. I’ll be there but I’ll be about a hour late…my son has a hockey game earlier and I must go and cheer!! See you then!

  15. Hope everything is okay. See ya then and take care!

  16. I hope you are feeling okay. I will be waiting in the front seat on Saturday.


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