On the Nice List

Do you think Robby loved his Christmas gift??????


  1. I would have loved to see something like that on Christmas day. Your a lucky kid. Happy New Year…

  2. I really couldn’t tell if he liked it or not, LOL. So, what did you use to get him off the front of it and actually in the driver seat? He must be a really great kid to have wonderful parents that care so much about him. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That boy is BLESSED!!!!

  4. You think????

  5. Se porto muy bien, que regalo tan lindo ahora a gozarlo pero con seguridad.

  6. Love it! Be safe Robbie!

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  8. lucky, lucky Robbie! Mom and dad did good!

  9. Awe and Boy and his toy! priceless, enjoy and drive safely
    Carol aka mypaperstash

  10. congrats Robbie!!!

  11. haha…don’t you LOVE it when your kids are so in love with a gift?! That is a GREAT picture! <3 Candy

  12. yes. lol

  13. I had a “Deja Vu”. When I met my husband, he had a 1969 – 442. ( He also had hair:) Oh how he loved that car. We raised 2 sons, and they too had love affairs with their cars. It’s a bonding like we have with shoes or paper!
    Great you captured the moment and shared it with us!

  14. Hello Kathy. I see that he LOVES his truck!! Way to go mom and dad.

  15. Great picture!!! This is a Christmas memory that he will never forget!! Congrats, Robbie.


  17. awwww Kathy love love love this picture!!!

  18. fixer upper = $4000.00 music system = $1500.00
    Mom and Dad pimping Robbie’s ride = PRICELESS

  19. AWWW a boy and his first love!
    What a great mom and dad. You cried didn’t you Kathy? Come on fess up, heck I almost want to cry and he’s not even my son lol.
    AKA mandyrose

  20. This is what sweet Christmas memories are made of! Bet after this gift you won’t have to settle for Subway napkins anymore!! LOL! Pammy

  21. I love this picture. I’m sure seeing it live was even more special. Now you have something to add to a mini album for Robby

  22. Oh how kewl. I think he is in love.


  23. Monica (aka Monkala) says:

    How exciting it must have been to watch your son’s expression when he saw his truck. what a great gift!

  24. What an awesome picture – I’m sure the moment was even better. Thanks for including us in your family moment (and letting us in on the secret 🙂
    Now you have some fantastic pictures to add to one of your christmas mini creations!!!

  25. Too cute….isn’t great when parents can do that for their children! I see the red pin stripe Robby had mentioned…Lol.

  26. Too cute….isn’t great when parents can do that for their children! I see the red pin stripe Robby had mentioned…Lol.

  27. Yes he’s in love. Wat à great gift. Wish him safe drives. Ànd hè has great parents

  28. Just a guess, but I’d say he was pretty danged happy! LOL Looks like a great pic for a scrapbok page. xoxo

  29. Precious!!

  30. oops “sight” Can you tell my brain is still on vacation. 🙂

  31. love your show keep up good work love ya betty

  32. Looks like Love at First site to me!!!

  33. i’m thinking robbie must have been a very good boy!! thats awesome!

  34. i’m thinking robbie must have been a very good boy!! thats awesome!

  35. That’s awesome!!

  36. WOW, that nice. Would you and Robert be my Mommy and Daddy? I just want a bike.

  37. Aw, such a nice mom to do that for him! Was he surprised? Or did he catch on?

  38. He LOVES it…What a nice Santa…Di

  39. Kat, you and Robert Pimped his ride…You’re at the top of Robbies nice list. Mommy’s always are with sons.

  40. looks like Robbie loved it!hope he hugged mom just as nicely,lol

  41. what a great present… enjoy

  42. “Congratulations” is in order ROBBY,
    but take KCRAZY’S advice to heart.
    God bless!
    South Africa

  43. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! You definitely get mother of the year for this one. Hope your Christmas was all you hoped it would be. hugs, eileen

  44. cakelady2oo2@yahoo.com says:

    now that is a thoughtfull gift. how lucky can you get. enjoy robby.

  45. What a lucky young man!

  46. lol, he finally can hug his beloved car…

  47. Aww.. is he sleeping in it now? or is it tucked under his pillow? LOL.. Love the picture, thanks for sharing with us.

  48. Yeah, I think he does!


  50. He loves his present. Way to cute!

  51. you can safely take the boxes out of his room now, lol! great surprise for him.

  52. Well from the picture, he doesn’t look too happy… lol

  53. love this!!! lol

  54. Robby’s in love!!! They say actions speak louder than words. You did good,mom.

  55. That is a crack up!! Obviously you did good!

  56. He is still out there isn’t he. LOL
    Thanks for sharing with us:)

  57. er dont know he seems a bit hesitant lol glad he loves it

  58. gayla miller says:

    Whoot! I think that is a definate.

  59. OH YA

  60. oh he loves it

  61. I bet the surprise was as good for you as it was for him. Thanks for sharing.

  62. I would say Yes, he does! And lookit that Pcola sand and green grass!
    Linda L in TN (formerly FWB)

  63. Have you been able to pry him off yet? LOL

  64. It sure appears that way. LOL

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