Gift Card Holder – That keeps on giving…


  1. Handmade gifts are the best. And handmade envelopes would be a close second!

  2. Like the video feature that make it easy to understand…Do you have some Gift Card envelopes to share?

  3. I “followed along” with this tutorial and am really pleased with the finished holder. Not something I say very often about my crafty makes!

    Thank you for sharing this Kathy. Your kindness is much appreciated.

    Marion in the UK

  4. Love it. You are soooo amazing with all you projects and oh, love all of them.

  5. twinkiltoes says:

    Kathy if you are an addiction I need intervention! Again a wonderful project I made for my son for xmas. Thanks Robbyn

  6. Kathy,
    This is the first project I’ve sat down and made and not just thought about making. It turned out AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing your ideas. I’m over the moon that my lame gift cards will take center stage. Thank you!

  7. Hi Kathy,
    Love watching your shows…you are so prolific with your designs! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

  8. Love this project. Did not have the policy envelopes so I made my own and they are great! The better quality cardstock made the holder a little thick so I used some “cheaper” cardstock and it worked great!

  9. Thanks Kathy – this is great – will be making several tomorrow night for the niece and nephews – they all want money….go figure!

    Jeanne Kelly


  11. this is a awesome idea.
    I got a number woohoo.

  12. This is an awesome idea. You amaze me all the time with your talent.

  13. I its dano

  14. I made this last night. Can’t wait to give it away! Another great project!

  15. scrapwithkathy says:

    Love ya kathy

  16. Love all your classes

  17. Love all of your classes! Thank you so much for sharing all your awesome-ness! 🙂

  18. Such a pretty and easy gift to make. You did it again!!


  19. i’m posting for the give away. Not sure if it’s the right place or not. I made one of the gift card holders last night. So easy and quick. Love it!! Thanks Kathy! CropnRobn

  20. Love this project, can see many, many different papers and occasions for this.. love your shows and projects…

  21. I made this last night. Can’t wait to give it away! Another great project!

  22. Loved this quick easy project!! Great way to spruce up those contriversial gift cards :O)

  23. This is such a great idea. I hope I have time to make it before Christmas!! I’m going nuts with all the projects, etc. I want to make. I hope all my packages make it to my relatives in Florida before Christmas. Love, love this project!! TFS.

  24. Itza aka ilovecandles says:

    I love your great ideas!!!!

  25. I have to make two of them for this Christmas… thanks Kathy for another must have project.


  26. I Posted to the first post that was available last saturday, so just making sure I don’t get missed!

  27. Another great project! Love it!

  28. I want both of those fabalous giveaaways! But I never win anything! Don’t even know if I am posting in the right place!

  29. You are the best, Kathy!
    Lori (loriemt)

  30. great present for al kinds of occasions

  31. LOVE This

  32. I love all your great ideas….

  33. Fabulous as always! You always amaze me with all your wonderful project ideas AND your generous spirit.
    THANK you so much!
    aka mandmrose
    aka mandy Rose

  34. Kathy your classes are wonderful
    Mardi May

  35. cute gift card holder!! I hope I win!!!! I never win anything!!

  36. I knew you wouldn’t get by without the score tape! HAHAHAhHAHA….btw…this is so fast & it’s the perfect size! Thanks once again. Now back to class on the tutorial!

  37. Love this idea. I am going to tweak it a bit for an insert in a album. thanks for sharing

  38. Fabulous as always! You always amaze me with all your wonderful project ideas AND your generous spirit.
    THANK you so much!
    aka mandmrose
    aka mandy Rose

  39. Love this so cute. Gonna have to make a bunch thats for the great project. Love your classes too.

  40. I am Calichina. I want to win something.

  41. Now I know what my nieces will get for christmas – TY for another super idea Kathy! Hugs Polo_10

  42. I hope this is where we are supposed to leave a comment for the prize. LOL I do love this quickie project too.

  43. Love the shows, but the give aways are the BESTEST. Genell

  44. Where do you come up with these great ideas? I just love this and so easy! My kind of project. lol Hugs Suez

  45. Love the gift card!
    Hugz, Z

  46. Love love love this! This is a keeper for alot of projekts!

  47. I really love this gift card holder…great idea and really do-able! thanks!

  48. What a great gift card holder. can’t wait to make it! LOVE your classes.

  49. This is a great idea for gift cards. I feel guilty, too, giving a small gift card. This is the perfect solution; fast and cheap! 🙂
    Danielle (aka danipanda)

  50. Love this project you just keep giving

  51. Commenting for the giveaway!!

    ~Vanessa W

  52. already posted on last vid, but you said you numbered them, but you will have double numbers if you count both vids comments.

    So here’s mine agian, just in case.


  53. That’s a great gift card! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Love this! I have many gift cards this year.

  55. Testing!!!!!!!

  56. I am making this for my parents gift cards!!!

  57. We love ya…..

  58. I love this idea, thank you, it is wonderful!!!

  59. I <3 you girlie.

  60. Love this card holder. Great for gifts

  61. I love this gift card holder! Thanks Kathy

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  63. I LOVE This!!! Thank you!

  64. Oh My Hell I just love this Di

  65. Love this Kathy. I needed a way to give my daughter-in-law her gift card and didn’t know what or how but now thanks to your awesome talent and kindness of sharing, I now have the perfect way. Thank you so much. Hoping you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year

  66. Thanks again for another fun project! I have made 6 Matchbook Albums and want to make this as well!

  67. Great for a birthday card with gift card.

  68. Denise Johnson says:

    Just love your work Kathy. You are super talented. I’ll be making plenty of these. Many thanks.
    Merry Christmas.

  69. luvglitztoo says:

    Just perfect for gift card giving plus more. This fits the bill for a couple of special people on my Christmas List. You’re the best Kathy. Keep up the good work.


  70. lindajoy116 says:

    You are just a blast to watch! I really love your projects.

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  72. I love this…I needed a nice card to send my sil a gift card in and this is perfect

  73. Love them. I’m going to round up my supplies and make some tomorrow

  74. I’m so hooked on your projects – I check everyday
    to make sure I don’t miss anything – thanks so much for sharing your talent – this gift card is going to be for my grandkid – love and God bless you and please have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New years – be safe& enjoy

  75. Kathy, It is great!. Thank you.

  76. Boy you must have been thinking of me when you made this!!! For I plan to make this today to use as a pocket purse for my trip this week. THANK YOU !!!!
    I will miss all of you while I am gone but send my wishes your way.

  77. Thank you soooo much for your talent! I have 7 gift cards to make for my granddaughters and sat struggling last night to come up with a clever idea. I didn’t want to just do a card, now I wake up this morning; and BAM! Here’s the solution to my dilemma; I love the gift card book you created! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  78. oh I so have to make these they are indeed fantastic love love love them.

  79. Kathy, you are just awesome! My shopping is done and no gift cards to be seen. Oh, but wait! What about me? Aha! I would love a gift card (Archiver’s here I come) AND the cute holder. Thanks so much!

  80. Gift cards are great to say thank you! I can’t wait to get some 9″ x 6″ envelopes to make these! Thank you Kathy!!!

    ~Vanessa W

  81. Thank You for this I needed this for some of my gifts….awesome idea!!!!!

  82. Beautiful gift, always good idea, bravo Kathy! C’est superbe et rapide, j’adore, merci Kathy!

  83. WE HAVE 23 PITA PAGES!!!!! WAY TO GO LADIES AND GENTS! Kathy I lov this cute idea I posted before but was so happy when i counted the pages I just had to post it everywhere!

  84. Wow Kathy this is fablous love it you always make such great projects. See u on Wens.

  85. You have such a wonderful talent. This gift card holder/card is just great.I will be making 7 for sure. Thank you for sharing & have a wonderful Christmas & New Years.
    Rita Johnson

  86. How do I find your earlier “Under $10 gift videos”??!

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  88. merçi Kathy, tu as toujours des idées sympas!!
    Valou de France

  89. Love love love that! I will be making a few of these for sure Kathy…..Thank you for sharing….You are the BEST!!

    Janet Santolini!

  90. Yep Yep Yep .. love love love it, of course.

  91. Fantastic job as always!! Denise

  92. You are so clever!! Thanks for sharing this great idea with us. Your hard work is so very much appreciated.
    Lots of hugs from one of your many Australian fans!!

  93. I am so going to make some of these, LOVE LOVE LOVE them! You are just the best Kathy!! Thank you!! Love the flying paper and all too! dusteesmom

  94. Kathy, fabulous gift card holder and mini. You are so talented and so giving. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I have plans to make several of your albums in the near future including the At Home Memories Album and the Perfect Little Scrapbook. I have already ordered my paper.
    Christmas blessings,
    Peggy Allen

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