January KIt Club Project Peep!!!!


  1. Kathy…Love everything you make. Thank you for showing us so many fun projcets

  2. ok…what I love about you ~ your not afraid to show your mistakes [which we all make]!and I have to say that I’ve ripped apart many myself.
    been loving the club and your projects are worth every penny!!! Money well spent. You do an awesome job. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Hardly can wait for my package to arrive!!

  4. Love this!!

  5. love all your projects kathy

  6. Cool thx kathy ur amazin love you dano

  7. pick me!! lol

  8. Can’t wait to do this one

  9. Super fab project as usual!

  10. beautifull have order the papers

  11. Great Album, can’t wait to make this! I enjoy your classes soooo much.

  12. I Love THIS Album!!! You are a genius with paper!! Your classes are absolutely wonderful!

  13. I love this paper so Vintage my fav. TFS

  14. Great project and I’m so glad I signed up for the kit club. I can’t wait to get this one. You do amazing work!!

  15. I’m hoping to get into the “club” next year!! Thanks for all the laughs…

  16. Your always a Hoot Kathy, enjoy your shows and luv all your projects !!!!!

  17. great project even tho i was sick you made my day better thank you, love to laugh with you

  18. loving this album! you are so creative I just can’t stand it!!! Kathy you always make me work a little bit harder when I see your beautiful creations…….when I grow I wanna be just like you!!!! LOL (stretch) Sandy!!

  19. Another fabulous project. I am so looking forward to the next kit club.
    Super job!!!

  20. Hi Kathy,

    Hereby my comment for the Comfort contest 🙂 and your second house album :))

    Love every single project you have made and now that I caught up with the Ustream classes I am going for the Youtube videos.

    Love you and your projects,

  21. Fun prizes, yay!!

  22. Kathy, Will everyone be able to see the class or do you need to be a member of the kit club. I really love this project! If you do need to be in the kit club, how can I join? Can I purchase what I need to make the kit and still be in the club? O don’t mean to be a pita but I do need to know how every thing works. Love, love, love the project.

  23. OMG! I am sooooo excited I am in the club and will
    Get this kit. Unbelievable Kathy, you truly are super talented
    And super creative!

  24. The creativeness is just oozing from you girl!! This is definitely in your top 3 projects. And I have to say that your YouTube videos leave me ROFLMAO – and thats a good thing!!

  25. What a lovely project!! I hope to catch the class!! It’s beautiful Kathy!-Raquel

  26. This is awesome. I want to know what vitamins you are on. I am in awe of what you do.

    Eileen L

  27. OMG! Before you could even get the words out, I knew it would be a great baby book. Now I am going to wait as paiently as I can for the tutorial so I can make the album for my sister’s baby shower! Love it!!!

  28. WOW I love this one so so much! Will the tutorial be available to the public or just the club? I would love to do this one. Thanks for sharing.

    Carol W.

  29. What a fantastic project!!! It’s beautiful!!!

    ~Vanessa W

  30. Great job Kathy! I can’t wait to start it. This would also be a great baby book maybe using little yellow bicycle’s baby line they have each year. Their lines always have the first twelve months – a perfect match! Love how big this “mini” is!!

  31. Kathy, I love your “Simple Stories Yearography” project! Am I reading correctly that this project is $200 and won’t be available until January? I am interested in being a Kit Club member, but don’t know how to go about it. Sorry for being a PITA, but I’m new at this! Thanks

  32. Kathy, I love the “Simple Stories Yearography”! Am I reading right, the kit for this is $200 and won’t be available until January? Sorry for being such a PITA, but I’m new at this and would like to be a member of the kit club, but don’t know how.

  33. You are freaking AMAZING!!!!! Love this.

  34. OMG. Ijola! Just love it. Just what I needed. This is the a Great Idea. When can I get it.


  36. WOW!! Kathy, you have blown it right out of the water!! Love this project! What a great family heirloom. So excited to get started on this project…


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