Video Tutorial – Paper bag, Album, Matchbook Style


  1. Kathy you are such a creative person I love watching your videos you make me believe that even I can create a beautiful project. I love your personality you make me laugh even when I make a mistake I now stop and think what would Kathy do to correct this. So once again thank you for sharing your time and talent with the rest of us your the best teacher and talent that I’ve found and I’ve looked all over the place so glad I have finally found you. Melody

  2. Kathy, you are amazing. Your mini matchbook album came in handy for me. Just watched the video and needed to make a baby album for a friend by Mon. Just finished it and it is just perfect for the new mom to collect cards and memorabilia with the arrival of a new baby. Thank you sooooo much. I love your videos! Keep them coming. Kandy(: in NC

  3. Thank you for the post of how to make the bags, I can’t always get the color I want! Kathy You turned me int a paper bag monster I made 7 matchbook albums for xmas gifts! You rock!

  4. I love these quick and easy little albums. My daughter has already asked me to make two for her to give as gifts. And they are so beautiful!

  5. I love these quick and easy projects, and my daughter has already wanted me to make her two more to give as gifts. These are so beautiful too!


  6. Ooo Im so thrilled with this album and the making of the envelope thank you so much Kathy
    This project is great!!!!

  7. Is is really fast to make with a stunning result. Love it. Did it with cardstock save the bags for myself. (the few a have)

  8. Kathy, Thank you for the beautiful match book mini. My niece is coming tomorrow and we will be doing this project together. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see more!!!

  9. Thank you for the video tutorials Kathy! Can’t wait to make this album.

  10. !!!!My Queen i wanted to know if i could pay for my kit classes.even though it says sold out im doing the 1 of 2 payment.?

  11. This is such an awesome project, thanks for sharing it with us Kathy! A question I have is when matting the backside of the bags, would you place the paper upside down?

  12. I am just learning about paper crafting and love watching you work. You diffinately make it look easier than it is. Also the strip did have a direction – look again one side is ruffled and one side not 🙂 You are so precise I laughed. Happy Thanksgiving – I am going to make over the long weekend.

  13. Kathy
    Love Love love quick and easy. Thank you so much for sharing your crafts with us.Love your videos can’t wait for more.Derenda

  14. Kathy

    Love, Love, Love so quick and easy. So glad you share your crafts with us .Love to watch your videos you do a awesome job. Derenda

  15. Kathy, thank you so much for this awesome project and sharing the video with us! I have already started one of these and can’t wait to finish. One question, on the back side of each bag, should it be matted upside down? Thanks again.

  16. Wow, my first time here and very impressed. Love how you walk us through every detail, mistakes and all. You won me over. Love the project.
    I see a member only club. How can I join? Love to start getting your kits. Thank-you for your joyful expertise.. Debbi

  17. Dirty Santa…lol

    Cute project Kathy!


  18. Love, love, love the project! You are just too cool, your videos are always great!

  19. So adorable Kathy! Now I need some rub-n-buff! This is such a cute idea!-Raquel

  20. AMAZING!!!!!!!! I just love it

  21. Love it Kathy! It’s nice to have something fairly quick and simple for a quick gift….and you’d never know it cuz it’s so beautiful. 🙂

  22. it is the skylands snowflake

  23. it is the skylands snowflake

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