Holiday Gifts Under $10 – Paper Bag Album Matchbook Style


  1. I love your videos. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

    Here is link to my version of your Matchbook Style Paper Bag Album:

  2. Kathy, Love IT. Cannot wait to see it. Have been looking for something like this for my grandsons Tball session. Hope I do not miss it. Thanks for such a great project.

    Mary Ann

  3. Do you have a downloadable of the paper bag matchbook style album? I am a newby at this technique and would love ot make it for my daughter’s birthday next week. Thanks

  4. !!!!MY kathy i hope you get this i cant seem topay for my kit club you send me a email but i cant find it im doing the 1of2 payment100 dollar one.i send you email but dont know if you got it.please let me know if i can still pay for it?:)

  5. OMG I”M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is something I’ve been looking for but didnt know it!! I’ve wanted something like this for my MIL and for ME!!! OMG Kathy! I love it and I already have that paperstack! It was just meant to be! LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Jen aka BuggaBabyMomma

  6. So excited about this Kathy! Thanks as always.

  7. Can hardly wait! I’m making one for autumn – with lots and lots of colorful pages 🙂 Will this be on your blog or on your stream channel?

    Thanks Kathy for all you do,

    Carmen L

    cal8007 at aol dot com

  8. I love your mini box I’m from Portugal but I’m following your work and it’s phenomenon
    best regards

  9. Is this the project for wednesday?

  10. have my supplies ready. So come on with video 2. Love it.

  11. where can I find the instructions for this item

  12. This is fantastic! Those pine cones would fool a squirrel… they look so real.

  13. Love this! I see myself making tons for all occasions! 🙂


  14. Please disregard my previous post. As I have apparently lost my mind and no longer know that today is Monday and NOT Wednesday.
    Thank you for your time LOL.

  15. As always you’re awesome Kathy!

  16. Ok it is 3.33 EST I am on Ustream rushed my big ole butt home from picking DS up from school to get to class and no Kathy, no PITAS and the class schedule says 11/23/2011 for the kit club.
    SO WHERE are the PITA’S!!

  17. Love this…!!! Can’t wait for the next Video cause I’m ready to go…!!! Well, except the die, I’ll have to order that in a minute. Love it Kathy…just love it..!!!

  18. Kathy, as usual a Fabulous project. Can’t wait to get this done. It is so cute and it looks like we will be able to put it together in a jiffy. I know I have said this a 1000 times but thanks again for everything that you do… Hope your shoulder is feeling better.

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