I Put a Spell on You! Class Today & A Peep Show!

Hello everyone!  Class today, I Put a Spell on You!  At 2pm CST.  See you there!
Featuring Authenique’s Glowing Collection.


  1. I’m new to this blog and I love so many of your projects – where would one sign up for this one?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Kathy, I love love love the sneak peak!!! Can’t wait for that Tutorial. I was needed a format for a special gift to celebrate a 50th Birthday and the portfolio is PERFECT. I have 60’s Groovy paper that I am going to make it from. Can’t wait, I now know what I will do this weekend (instead of cleaning!!)


  3. Miss watching live:( Thanks for recording:)

  4. !!!!GOOD AFTERNOON MY QUEEN..I LUV MY SPELL KIT.. I JUST WENT TO CHECK MY EMAIL. I WILL BE PAYING IT ON THE 1ST OF NOV IF THATS ALRIGHT?FOR THE NOV KIT. IVE BEEN SO BUSY MAKING CUSTOMES. HOLLYWEENBAGS. AND B-CAKES.LUV HOLLYWEEN. SO MUCH WORK BUT WELL WORTH IT.IF ITS FOR MY GRANDBABIES<3.i have to tell you your such a joy to here your voice.you makes us laugh cry and pee pee in our pants hee hee..and gives us just great albums and crafting ideas so glad you came into our lives.<3you let us into your home.and we all feel like family WE ALL LUV YOU. THANKS<3<3..

  5. Wish I could watch but it is during my time to prepare dinner. Can we watch somehow at a later date?

  6. I really miss not being able to watch the show. Kathy, can’t you have a night class from time to time. REally miss all the fun with you all.

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