Let’s Play a Game – Picture #2

Hello Everyone– since no one got it right, here is a second chance to guess and win.  First person to guess correctly wins.  You get 3 guesses, one guess per comment.  Thanks for playing.


  1. Dawn Wilkinson says:

    Now I know that it is the P3 hinge….you’re sooo funny Kathy.

  2. It is the new P3 hinge you created… you’re soooooo clever.

  3. its the new sg hinge from tim holtz

  4. Anonymous says:

    use to make a bat for halloween

  5. Kathy, this is your new p3 hinge!

  6. Santa’s belt buckle!

  7. Hi Kathy – I think its a piano keyboard

  8. Same as the first only folded in half 🙂

  9. It’s the “E” in Santa’s Sleigh!


  10. 2 Slide casings

  11. Second picture is duct tape album binding

  12. binding for one of your new albums

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s a cat base! emmyk89 xx

  14. It looks like foam packing from some kind of new machine. Kathy what have you bought now? LOL

  15. this is fold object from the first one”B” now a “E” so its still the same so my second guess would be the middle part to a page in a album to divide the tags

  16. Is it the base for a pop up card or page?

  17. anothEr wondErful projEct by kathy orta?

  18. an “E” for eeeeek! :o)

  19. hmmmm…maybe a Haunted House mini?

  20. Last guess, is it an interactive part of a book or box you are making?

  21. Is it the beginning part of a tag/flag book?

  22. Is it a stand to hold something you are making?

  23. Anonymous says:

    It is the first thing folded in half!

  24. My guess came in too late for picture #1, so I’m guessing one of the older Creative Memories double squares punched out 🙂

  25. MAYBE IS A GAME LETTER WITH THIS ALBUM……….I put a spell on you …………:)

  26. OK MAYBE IS FOR THIS ALBUM Le Cirque Popup Album

  27. It’s that same one you had the other day but folded this time

  28. An E2!

  29. Probably been guessed but it’s a POP up page I think!

  30. if you turn it at it’s side ik can also serve as the mouth of a pumpkin?

    (or do i have to much imagination? :D)


  31. Love this kind of games 😀

    i think it represents a binding systems for a mini album.
    (at least that’s how i should use it seeing it like this :d)


  32. a Chimney?

  33. a bag?

  34. Its driving me batty! Def. Something for your halloween project!

  35. I think it’s a piece for a new type of binding for your newest mini album.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Is a black card stock use it for the picture frame. Folded half fromt the 1st game.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Is a chipboard picture frame folded half.

    From: Cennic

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think this is part of the roof for the halloween gate fold album
    deb at
    wildrosefarms at hotmail dot com

  39. Looks like something to hold up your Boop’s LOl have no idea Kathy

  40. You’re killing me Kathy! Is is a hinge for an album?

  41. Anonymous says:

    its the left hand side of the Haunted House Mini Album that goes around both left windows and is stuck down on/under binding and on the top, botton and side half is folded over to the back of the page. Or it could be the right side.


  42. A Monster’s head?

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  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. It’s the start of a folded booklet!

  47. part of a pop up

  48. Is a black 8×11 paper, folded into half n became alphabet ‘E’

  49. a gigantic hinge

  50. yesterday was B for boo today is E for eek

  51. This is yesterdays image folded in half 🙂

  52. Part of a pitched roof so you can have skylights to peek into the inside of the house..

  53. Double easel for one of the school mini’s.

  54. A hinge of some sort, I think it’s for part of a structure such as for pop out windows that might hold tags or journaling spots.

  55. It’s the Haunted House Exploding Box….Am I right? Brenda (BB)

  56. I think that it is going to be part of an interactive page, a stopper, part of a pull out. You can place two pull-outs for hidden journaling or photos and this will stop them from being completely removed from the page or book.

  57. It is the same image you had before, just folded in half

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  58. Anonymous says:

    I think it is one of your newest page assemblies.
    Ginger NY

  59. Is it the front porch to a Halloween mini?

  60. Is it a new kind of pull out page?

  61. Let’s see … it’s bigger than a bread basket so it must be a hinge????

  62. Tag holder pockect for not so mini album

  63. A word mini album that spells out HALLOWEEN.

  64. is half of what evet it was yesterday. looks like an E to me,

  65. a folded letter E

  66. a hinge

  67. A black piece of recollection card stock with 2 squares cut out and folded in half…

  68. You folded the item shown yesterday in half so I think you are using this to construct a clever interactive page for your Haunted House mini.
    I am sure that it will be “Paper Phenomenal!”. Can’t wait to the finished product!

  69. It's anonymous. At the top comment LOL says:

    Roof for the halloween house

  70. Anonymous says:

    Is it a.. Picture frame D: XD

  71. It is a template.

  72. A hinge of some kind

  73. A big hinge

  74. A big hinge

  75. Anonymous says:

    Windows for the front of the haunted chanteu??? Hope I win, which I never do but I won’t give up, no I won’t give up:) Rosemary/ScraftNH

  76. Anonymous says:

    Windows for the front of the haunted chanteu??? Hope I win, which I never do but I won’t give up, no I won’t give up:) Rosemary/ScraftNH

  77. It is the base for a new album page, I would guess a slider kind of pocket that is double sided, so that when you pull it the frame/tag/photo kind of pops up.

  78. …a pop up page where something – picture, cutout, etc.- will pop up when opened on a page

  79. Anonymous says:

    The picture before folded in half???

  80. Roof for Haunted Chanteu Mini

  81. It’s the inside part of a pop up page that holds the things (like flowers, pictures, etc., that are popping up. (just like a homemade pop up card) Probably for the Le Cirque Pop up album. So this would let you put a lot of things in the pop up and there could be things behind the window part too so it looks like a 3 d scene.

  82. Parece una E , pero es para una tarjeta entrelazada adivinando o buscando el mensaje escondido.

  83. part of a mechanism for a pop up element

  84. is it the doors for your halloween mini album?

  85. I know its yesterdays piece folded in half

  86. Is it the base of a pop up card?
    cstephenson at q dot com

  87. back of an easel

  88. A pocket for slide mounts?

  89. A mini insert in the making…

  90. A window frame

  91. It’s the start of Eiyiyi for my birthday!

  92. A hinge?

  93. Fairyfloss0 says:

    is it the beginning of a double flip card base for a page

  94. the letter “e” for halloween?

  95. stand for a pop-out

  96. Anonymous says:

    the handle to a purse? like Femme Fatale?

  97. base for a flipout

  98. its the beginning of E.T. (phone home) name.

  99. Anonymous says:

    I thinki it was done with a punch and folded.

    Can be used a standup grave stones.
    Ginger NY

  100. Carolyn McCravy says:

    Looks like pic #1 folded in half…

  101. Slide mount

  102. black card stock with two squares cut out of the middle.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Two ‘E’s” for HALLOWEEN!

  104. A template for a project. Is this to vague?

  105. It looks like an E

  106. I would say maybe a way to put tags in a album ???? 🙂

  107. Anonymous says:

    Belt buckle style punch.

  108. A new joint for pages for a mini?

  109. It has to be part of a mini album…so, I will say it is the inside section of a mini album.

  110. A 3D popout?

  111. A picture easle?


  112. Or is the outline of a building page???? I hope I want to win Kathy!!!! LOL Thanks it’s fun make the games Love it!! Hugs.. Maggy

  113. It’s the porch piece for your Haunted Chateau Mini Album!

  114. It’s the base for a pop up page for the circus album

  115. Maybe it’s the jack-o’lantern smile for the pumpkin exploding album.

  116. Kathy, if we were as creative as you, we would be hosting this mystery. I would use this as a hinge binding system.

  117. It´s a fold structure to hide something inside a mini album, like surprise page

  118. Or maybe it is just the letter E that is part of a title.

  119. It’s the bottom piece that holds the albums that you had taken off the album….

  120. It is a page made in the shape of an E.

  121. It is the bottom pieces of the Halloween album..

  122. It´s the roof of your halloween project

  123. part of a spooky halloween house?

  124. It´sthe structure for binding a mini album inserts

  125. could it be the hinge to hold a flip style page?
    this is tough, Kathy:)

  126. part of a crown?

  127. Banner?

  128. These are large letters for a banner. This is an E.

  129. Could this be part of the exploding pumpkin project?

  130. how tall is this? Need to get a perspective on it

  131. a bowmaker?

  132. A locker cut for the scholastic higher ed mimi.

  133. Is it a stand/base for a his&hers mini duo?

  134. Part of your Halloween Costume…
    You’re going as Groucho Marx and these are your


    how about a pocket to hold tags??? no, this can’t be it.

  136. Looks like you might fold this again lengthwise to create a new type of multifold insert!

  137. I meant to say binding on my last comment

  138. it’s the biding for an album. You are going to insert some sort of chop sticks to hold the pages together….it’s going to be an Asian theme????? am I right????

  139. Looks like a lettre “E” non???

  140. This looks like something from Sesame Street
    Paper Phenomenon is brought to you by the letter “E” LOL

    My guess is… Kathy’s new hinge to put pages together.
    A new spine to connect the covers of Kathy’s new mini.

  141. Easel for a project?

  142. Double shadow frame?

  143. the inside of a pop up card that is in progress?

  144. It’s a pop up page!

  145. OOO, its a hinge for area for TAGS in pockets!?!?
    Jen aka BuggaBabyMomma

  146. its a new base for pages to be attached to. Maybe with area for pockets?
    Jen aka BuggaBabyMomma

  147. Filmstrip for photos

  148. A black card stock hinge

  149. looks like a castle roof maybe for a tag

  150. It’s a new type of hinge

  151. It’s the previous pic,folded in half?

  152. The background to a picture frame that would hold two pictures cut in half? Does that make sense?

  153. 81/2 x 11 card stock with 2 squares punched out. For an 8×10 picture frame, to frame 2 pix?

  154. You are pregnant. You going to put BEBE

  155. Duct tape

  156. The E from the Eye chart! lol

  157. Black Cardstock with two square. Fold it in half.

  158. 3 tries at guessing….ok let’s see, what could it be…..hmmmmm……….how about a roof. I have no idea. LOL

  159. LOL….how about a picture holder….

  160. It’s a pull out page

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