Let’s Play a Game!!!!!!

Guess what this is? The first person to get this right will win a Prize. You know the Prize will be good. So let the guessing begin!!!!  Leave a comment with your answer.  You can only guess 3 times so think about it.  One guess per comment. 

GOOD LUCK– I will announce the winner during Wednesday Ustream Class. 10/5/2011, at 2PM CST.


  1. Anonymous says:

    the beginings of a bat for halloween.

  2. I’m guessing one of the older Creative Memories double square punched out 🙂

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  5. grunge

  6. Kaye Lang says:

    Mouth for a pumpkin.

  7. a Roof with skylight?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think it is a double square punch.
    diane at weismanfamily dot net

  9. Anonymous says:

    a film strip

  10. Anonymous says:

    roof for haunted house album


  11. Anonymous says:

    base for the haunted house mini album


  12. This is the letter B cut out of cardstock

  13. Hi. I think it is binding hinge for a mini book.
    Anne ( xannero1 youtube)

  14. window card

  15. guess3. its a side by side cat and doggie food dish made out of black and white duct tape.

  16. guess 2. Or its black and white duct tape 3d glasses to see your spooky haunted house.

  17. I think its black and white duct tape in the shape of a domino without the spots.

  18. Is a glass frame window of a door

  19. Is a card board photo frame

  20. Is a black card stock

  21. I think it looks like a cutting die for a manual die cutting machine.

  22. It’s the door to the haunted house album.

  23. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it is the foam piece that you put behind the electrical outlet faceplate for outdoor electrical outlets.

  24. It´s a door…
    Hugs susanne

  25. Anonymous says:

    A book stand/holder for the “I Put A Spell On You” kit club Halloween project.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the base of the haunted house.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Too tired to read all of the guesses, so I am going on and say that it is the template for the top of the haunted house.

  28. I have just finished a flicker card so I think it is the base for the flicker card or what some may call a waterfall card where at least 10 photos can be place on one page

  29. my 3rd guess is a photo strip

  30. Kathy, to me it looks like the outside of an electrical plug in the wall.

    Pam Allen frm TX

  31. A digital sign board.

  32. It is an 8

  33. the beginning of a 3D glass set! LOL

  34. Picture frame mat.

  35. Is that an outlet cover?

  36. Santa’s belt buckle

  37. Vinyl frame to hang on the wall..

  38. A light/outlet cover plate thingy??

    Or something that was solid till Ace
    got a hold of it LOL.

  39. “B” for boo for a halloween album

  40. Number 8 anyone? 😉

  41. ok, Maybe a buckle!

  42. I think its 2 pieces of white paper on a black 12×24 sheet of paper.

  43. Double blank domino

  44. Anonymous says:

    I think is a black cardstock black and white and it will be transformed into a ELECTRICAL OUTLET 😛

    Princess Adrenalina 🙂

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  46. Belt buckle

  47. A door

  48. Guess #2 – A frame/album cover cut out of faux leather.

  49. I think it is a cover/overlay for BAP# 3

  50. It is a door, which can be used as a front cover of a mini title Back door friends are best!! A book of family, friends and neighbors

  51. Anonymous says:

    It is a x-ray of what is wrong with your shoulder!!!! hahahaha scrapinwithnancy Or it is part of the pole that you dance on…

  52. Is it an embossing plate you have made for a project?

  53. Or maybe the cutouts for the front windows on the Haunted Chateau mini album.

  54. I think it’s some sort of buckle.

  55. or maybe a photo frame

  56. looks like a door cover for a mini album

  57. Last guess for these unique squares. Lol. An outlet cover

  58. Two white squares on a rectangle. Its laughing at all us pita’s

  59. Third guess: the base frame for a wedding pictures project!

  60. Not so Safe Guess: Robot eyes cutout for Halloween mask!

  61. Safe guess: Halloween Haunted House window cutout panel

  62. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A BUCKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Two pieces of white paper cut square sitting on top of black paper.

  64. Double picture frame

  65. Nancy Mitchell says:

    Welcome home album cover from Teresa Collins…

  66. I think it’s the number eight.

  67. to me it looks exactly like a hot dog or pizza or even a sandwich! But I am extremely hungry and maybe my view is askew…. Linda aka Oz

  68. Leslie Smith says:

    It’s a buckle like for pilgrims shoes ( or ribbon)

  69. a halloween door for your next project! Hugs! Dina

  70. A ladder.

  71. I guess its part of a pop up.

  72. A mini cover with two windows.

  73. I think it is a insert for a card slot.

  74. have to think for my third try with a good night sleep

  75. a page for an album what looks like a door to open and then there will be an other part of the album

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  78. a slide. so score it in half and fold it

  79. I think its a door with 2 separate mini books started.

  80. It’s piece of a project your working on..Maybe part of a box, I would make a flip frame out of it. 🙂 It’s obviously a rectangle with two squares cut out of it. What it’s intended use will be is anyone’s guess. I am thinking it is an element for Le Cirque Popup Album. That’s my final answer. here is a hint-TonKGGimy :)if anyone can decipher it. 🙂

  81. Anonymous says:

    Wall chateau!

  82. Anonymous says:

    This is one side explosing box for halloween ????

  83. ribbon slider

  84. slide mount

  85. Anonymous says:

    The number eight?!


  86. Digital eight.

  87. Double mat frame from a framing place

  88. Magnet

    Tina R

  89. the #8

    Tina R

  90. A belt buckle for Santa?

  91. I think it might just be a double photo frame for a mini album.

  92. I think it is a Pilgrim;s belt buckle.

  93. The windows for the halloween album that you will be doing soon. 🙂

  94. A tag ?

  95. pocket for a mini book to put tags in.

  96. a door?

  97. Hopscotch game board for people that own rice socks. LOL!

  98. looks like the insert board that comes with a purchased picture frame.


  99. Template

  100. Anonymous says:

    I think it is the beginning of a new project you have in mind.

  101. attachmen to sewing machine 4 buttons

  102. chipboard pieces on black cardstock for the front and back page of a mini album.

  103. Door to a ginger bread mini

  104. Two pieces of chipboard on black cardstock!

  105. The top of a mini album.

  106. custom die? C’mon give us some hints.

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  108. Kathy, you have so many Halloween projects going, I got confused between the Haunted House one and the Haunted Chateau, which is part of Wonder Works Crops. Let’s leave it at Halloween project. And Deann, love the cinder block guess!!

  109. I also think it can be a Halloween house´s door…that´s my 2nd thought…I´ll let the 3rd shot for later.
    kisses from Brazil

  110. Looks like a double slide mount to me.

  111. Looks like a portrait for 2 photo….I know it´s too, too obvious, but it was my first thougth

  112. Is it a top view of a cinder block !!!!!
    LOLOLOL Sorry my hubby’s NY dry humor is rubbing off on me!

  113. When I was still making miniature dollhouses and scenes, I would have used it to be the top of a Halloween haunted house, with clear or vellum in the squares so people could view down into the spooky cemetery or house scene. Ooh, now I’m going to have to go do that – sigh, just what I need, another project!!
    Which leads me to my second guess – The main body of a pair of homemade 3D glasses, sides still need to be attached, to use for viewing the Haunted Chateau. The better to view a foggy scene, my Queen!

  114. Anonymous says:

    digital 8

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  117. The door to the Haunted Chauteau.

  118. Looks like a belt buckle closure

  119. Well I think it is a rug.

  120. A black rectangle piece of card stock with 2 white squares

  121. it’s the closure for the album of the haunted house on the front

  122. OK, changed my mind. Not Santa’s belt buckle. Lid to a a box album.

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  124. is it a window from the new haunted house mini?

  125. part of the Halloween Mini album

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  127. a black piece of paper with 2 white squares on it ?!?!

  128. June-Marie (mermaid49@shaw.ca) says:

    Pop up page

  129. I am going to take a shot in the dark and say a number 8.
    cstephenson at q dot com

  130. Kaye Lang says:

    Looks like a door to me.

  131. A window that you will put vellum over for cool pockets

  132. A new type of closure for a new mini.

  133. double slider for build a page

  134. Santa’s belt buckle

  135. two embossing plates on black paper

  136. I think it is a new door for your halloween mini or Christmas mini.

  137. I know this sounds crazy, but I think it’s a face plate for an electrical outlet!

  138. Windows to the soul (halloween mini) photo slider!

  139. 2 covers for new book

  140. Windows for the haunted house….

  141. film strip

  142. belt buckel

  143. window frame

  144. buckle for Santa suit

  145. mat for 2 prints

  146. slider pop-out window for build-a-page

  147. or a belt buckle for a pair of witches shoes

  148. buckle on a witches hat

  149. pop up slider window. 🙂 -emorena

  150. I am going to say two canvases !!!! Lol

  151. I THINK IS THE WINDOW FOR THE Haunted Chateau….:)

  152. Some form of Build a page addition? LOL

  153. Cover for a mini?

  154. It looks like a number 8

  155. ok will try this again LOL Looks like a door to me, maybe a Halloween door 🙂

  156. Looks like a door to me 🙂 A Halloween door that is 🙂

  157. either a frame or a picture pullout

  158. looks like a window page.

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