Prima Printery Collection – Everlasting

PS: you also get the tutorial, I will email it to all kit owerns as soon as I am done with it.


  1. 541

  2. 123

  3. 256

  4. 642

  5. 5,4,1

  6. 413

  7. 541

  8. 123

  9. 251

  10. 541

  11. 534

  12. 5,2,3

  13. 5 4 1

  14. 541

  15. 2, 4 and 1

  16. I love this lady and all her great ideas!

  17. I just HAD to have this kit. Wow, Kathy, you’re gettin’ way ahead of me here. I love your classes, and 2 times a month is great! You are such an inspiration!

  18. I love this mini book. It reminds me of my grandparents and the photo albums we would go threw as kids. Kathy you sure know how to do it right!!!!
    Love It!!!!!!!!

  19. kathy the sounds so low . i cannot hear u. its absolutly lovey. but the sound is barely there.please doone with more sound.can’t wait . as allways u r wonderfull creative an i do know its all about the paper pita babes, carol in Branson. mo.

  20. Beautiful! I love Prima! You ROCK, Kathy!

  21. What happen to todays class….did you forget to hit record???? Or did you not do it????
    Either way I still miss it…..hate that….love forward to next class…..

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