Kit Club Project Peep Show – I Put A Spell On You!


  1. I LOVE THIS!! I am hot to have this tutorial!! Linda aka Oz

  2. I want one

  3. if we are not part of the kit club can we still buy the tutorial for this one?

  4. !!!!!Hellow my darling so im clear on the kit club. do you take out the money. or do we wait untill you post it and then i pay for it. just want to make sure…:)

  5. Will there be extras for sale? I love it!!

  6. ….You’re such a tease…lol…love it! Gonna be biting my nails until i see the whole thing, love Halloween crafting ! Big tight hug to ya!

  7. YES! This is so awesome! Give me MORE!!!

  8. Love the sneak peak! Do we have a tutorial yet?
    Can’t wait, your are the QUEEN!

  9. Ooh…Halloween…love it! Love the sneak peak and the update on the site…very cute.

  10. absolutely amazing I can’t wait to see this one.

  11. OH WOW, i love it. You always have great things.

  12. Lookin’ good!!! Cant wait 🙂

  13. Loove the tease, Just know the whole thing is fantastic .

  14. Kathy, Love the sneak peak. I am with you solucky, Tease….Tease…Tease!

    FYI: The Kit Club info can be found here, .

    xoxox, emorena

  15. You come up with the nicest and coolest things. Love your work.
    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  16. What a tease!! Lovin’ what I see so far! Can’t wait to see it all! C u in class!

  17. I love how your mind works Kathy. You always lure me in and hold me captured.

  18. This looks amazing…..but what is the Kit Club??

  19. ooooh, tease tease tease – awesome, make us want to see more…LOL Love what I see.

  20. Wow Kathy, it looks amazing! BTW this is givenwingstofly on UStream 🙂

    What is a Members Only Kit Club?


  21. I can see this is just amazing!! When can the whole project be seen? You never fail to go beyond fabulous!

  22. Hi Kathy,

    Love LOVE your videos!!!!!!

    What is a Members Only Kit Club???
    How do you join??????

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!
    Wendy C
    Nampa Idaho

  23. Oh wow…LOVING THE SNEAKY PEEKY!!!! Can’t wait for this one!!

  24. This looks amazing so far! Cannot wait to see the rest of it


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