Travel Tales Class and Gypsy File

Hi Everyone Class will be in Session tomorrow, May 14th at 2PM CST – click on the link below for the Camera Mini Album Gypsy File.

Tomorrow I will show you all Ace’s latest Adventure in Mommy’s Craftroom.
If you guess what he did you will win a Camera Charm from the Travel Tales Kit.  Leave a comment on this post.

There will be two Charm giveaways to win, one will be to Guess Ace’s latest adventure and the other will be a game we are going to play during class– The Game is called

Guess That Crafting Sound??

It’s going to be fun!!!!

Click here to download the Camera File 


  1. I guess Ace probably ate threw a cord. That’s something a small dog would do though, so maybe he just knocked over a bunch of stuff from your table.

  2. Norma Edith says:

    Hola Kathy ayer te envie un email a tu yahoo donde se bajan los tutoriales que uno compra, he buscado otro email para escribirte pero no lo encuentro en tu blog, podrias checar tu email en yahoo para que veas lo que me sucedio gracias TEACHERRRRR tengo mucho que aprender contigo eres fabulosa

  3. Thank you so much Kathy for all you do!

  4. paper trimmer
    heat gun
    shari (cricutrookie)

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Elements post on May. 14, 2011. Thanks again.

  6. Chomper, heat gun, ATG

  7. punch,heat embossing gun, atg

  8. border punch
    hear gun
    atg gun

  9. 1.)paper trimmer, embossing gun, atg gun

  10. tim holtz paper edger/distresser tool
    heat gun

  11. Paper cutter
    heat gun
    ATG gun

  12. crockadile-heattool-pappercutter.

  13. applying scor tape, heat gun, ATG gun

  14. corner rounder, heat gun, atg

  15. Anonymous says:

    a punch, heat gun, atg gun.


  16. 1) Martha Stewart punch
    2) heat gun
    3) ATG gun

  17. cutter, embossing gun, tape glider

  18. tiny attacher timmy and heat gun and atg

  19. paper trimmer, heat gun, atg gun

  20. 1 corner chomper
    2 heat gun
    3 fiskars paper cutter

  21. distressor, heat gun & ATG

  22. Anonymous says:

    crop-adile, paper cutter, ATG gun — barbinlakeland

  23. big bite, Heating gun, ATG gun

  24. stapler
    heat gun

  25. paper punch, heat gun, tape runner

  26. punch heat tool paper cutter

  27. punch, heat gun, atg gun

  28. martha punch, heat emboss gun, atg gun

  29. mini attacher, heat gun, atg gun

  30. 1 border punch
    2 heat gun
    3 ATG gun

  31. Anonymous says:

    Punch, Heat Gun, ATG Gun

  32. 1. atg punch
    2. heat gun
    3. paper trimmer.

  33. scissors, heat gun, tape gun

  34. paper trimmer, heat gun and atg

  35. 1 paper punch
    2 heat tool.. embossing
    3 atg gun

  36. punch
    heat gun

  37. Anonymous says:

    punch paer
    heat gun
    trimmer Di

  38. cropadile, heat gun, paper cutter

  39. punching such as a corner rounder, dry embossing, paper cutting

  40. stapler heat gun atg

  41. marth punch heat gun and atg

  42. Hi Kath, My guess for the three sounds is
    1. Velcro
    2. Embossing Heat Gun
    3. ATG Tape


  43. punch, heatgun, glue gun

  44. My guesses are: punch, heat tool, paper cutter

  45. the sounds are 1. paper punch, 2. heat gun, and 3. atg gun. Thanks for the great class.

  46. punch, heat gun, atg

  47. scissors
    heat gun

  48. distressor, heat gun & paper trimmer

  49. Anonymous says:

    paper punch, heat gun and ATG runner


  50. paper punch, heat/emboss tool, ATG gun

  51. punch, heat gun, atg gun

  52. stapler
    heat gun

  53. Hope this is the place to put my answer: 1. Tape 2. Heat Gun, 3. ATG gun

  54. Sounds are: MS punch, heat gun, MS score board

  55. paper cutter, dryer, atg tape gun

  56. Sounds from U-stream are: stapling
    ; heat gun; tape runner

  57. 1. hole making machine
    2. heat gun
    3. tape gun

  58. Anonymous says:

    I think the sounds are: crop-a-dile, embossing heat tool, advanced tape glider


  59. corner rounder – heat embossing tool – paper cutter bconst@roadrunner.cum

  60. Anonymous says:

    1. Corner chomper 2. Heat gun 3. ATG gun

  61. 1. punch
    2. heat gun


  62. puch, heat gun, atg gun

  63. 1st: cropadile 2nd: heat gun 3rd: paper cutter

  64. tearing score tape, heat gun, atg gun

  65. 1. punch
    2. heat gun
    3. ATG

    Veronica aka fantomryder

  66. ok here goes using a corner punch heat gun cutting with cutting board

  67. stapler, heat emboss gun, tape gun

  68. the sounds are: 1. corner chomper 2. embossing heating tool 3. ATG

  69. Anonymous says:

    paper punch, embossing gun, atg.. ScraftNH

  70. cropadile, heat gun, atg gun

  71. corner punch, 2 heat gun 3. atg

  72. 1 corner rounder/ punch
    2 heat gun
    3 atg gun

    thanks for the fun times

  73. punch
    heat gun

  74. 1. scissors
    2. heat tool
    3. trimmer

  75. Anonymous says:

    The three sounds are:stapler, heat gun, ATG Gun

  76. punch …distresser atg

  77. punch, heat gun, paper cutter

  78. ripping paper
    heat gun

  79. corner rounder
    heat gun

    Thanks Kathy,

  80. ATG gun

  81. 1. paper punch
    2. heat gun
    3. paper trimmer.

  82. Heat gun

  83. Punch

  84. Ace ate your phone. Hope not. See you soon.


  85. loving the class so far

  86. Ace chew the bottom of your chair or table

  87. Hi Kathy did Ace get a hold of your atg tape gun.

  88. Anonymous says:

    ace ate up your glue gun

  89. Anonymous says:

    Dogs will be dogs

    I think Mr. Ace latest adventure in Mommy’s craftroom was………

    He went on a travel trail adventure through your craftroom. Ace knocked the things Kathy had neatly placed in her craftroom. Played with items on her tables and knocked things on the floor. And chewed one or two of your minis you had on your back thable.


  90. Oh no, did Ace eat your homework…BAM?!!?

  91. Anonymous says:

    Ace must have gotten into your score tape. He was probably covered in it!


  92. Awwwww, Did Ace think that the Boy toy Mini was a coach ? Did he eat it ? Did he swallow the clown ? lolol I hope so, that way I get the little camera ! Lmao !!!! Gotta love ACE ! hugs, Olga

  93. …Poor Ace chewing is fun for him but not his momma…First off i hope is is safe and well…I do believe he chewed your computer modem electrical cords …see you later kathy..hug.. Monica { scrapsaturdays }

  94. Ace chewed up your fly swatter!

  95. Since Ace likes to chew purses, I’m guessing he chewed up your just completed Sophaholic bag and mini!

  96. Ace ate the rubber cover that goes over you E2 machine screen. See you at class!

  97. I’m going to say Ace ate one of your timmy tools, the ink distressor (not the jacked up one, the new one) or the timmy scissors

  98. Hmmm….. I know what havoc my dogs can wreak with all my scrap stuff. They love to eat my rubber stamps and paper (and really anything else they can find to sink their teeth in to!) I’m guessing sweet little Ace probably ate one of your projects, it’s just a question of which one! I’m gonna say it’s either Travel Tales or the BAM project. Don’t be too hard on that naughty little boy – he just wanted to have fun playing with Momma’s stuff too!! UGH! I hope it wasn’t TOO bad!

  99. It was coach purse…. now what? Hmmm I would have to say he went to town with your kits!!!! Oh gosh I hope he didn’t swallow anything bad!

  100. I was going to say your travel tales suitcase but I’m thinking and I hope it isn’t your Toy Box. I really want to see that project again.

    I hope whatever he didn’t hurt him.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I think he ate your ATG gun lol poor Ace hope he is ok. This is Nancy.

  102. I’m guessing that’s where MY tape I sent you went. Ace ate it well if he did he’s gonna be permanently glued up inside coz that’s really strong tape. Well at least it got USED…..

  103. Oh! Oh! Ace got a hold of your gypsy…and now he can “download” various sizes and shapes. Ace is in BIG trouble!!

  104. I think Ace crawled into the Traveler Mini and went to sleep!

  105. Hi Kathy,

    OMG did Ace eat up all your glue sticks!

    Veronica aka fantom

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. I’m guessing he got into embellishment packages to be sent out and ate part of them.

  108. I think he upset your bead cases and they are all over the place ….well thats better than peeing on your “travel case” Isnt it ?? lol

  109. I would guess that he got into you tape….mind seems to love to eat it…and while he was going for the tape…probably knock everything off your desk…yep…you guess it….coming from experience….and Jake(120lb Lab) would be right in my lap….he thinks he’s a lap dog….and trust me….I have bruise’s to show for it…LOL

  110. Did he eat your home-work? Bad dog Ace. Shari (cricutrookie)

  111. Kathy, I bet he got into the Bam project. I can see it know! How much is he in the Dog house?

  112. ace probably ate the handles on your suitcase. naughty boy.

  113. I’m sure it Ace ate something he shouldn’t have. I was going to guess something else, but I like Kim’s idea that he chewed on something affecting your internet, maybe the modem? Makes sense as you were having connectivity issues lately.

  114. He ate your glue and ended up at the vet?!

  115. Hmm… did he pull your Cricut off the table by the cord?

  116. I’m gonna guess Ace got into your nicely organized kits to be shipped…..

  117. Ohhh Ace did you get into paper and altered it?

  118. Anonymous says:

    Im going to guess he got into a box of new and upcomming project items you had ready for a peep show! Poor Ace
    Crystal aka shularc

  119. I will miss the class tomorrow darnit!!!! Make sure you hit the record button. Hey that’s it, Ace ate the record button. hahahahahaha!!! Have fun tomorrow. I hope ace is not in the dog house.

  120. I am going to guess that he chewed you internet cord… dogs like to chew on strange things.

  121. Hmmm…I’m going to guess that he knocked over a nicely organized embellishment case and the contents are EVERYWHERE.

  122. Ok its Ace so we know he had to chew something!! Something low to the ground….please dont say he chewed on your new storage furniture/ desk thingy. Hope it was something fairly cheap and easy to replace or fix. BAD ACE!!!!!

  123. He ate the Travel Tales project!!!! And it then it didn’t agree with him! Bad Ace! Your lucky your a cutie!! Carol

  124. Did Ace chew up one of the priority boxes for the Hybrid kits you are shipping out? Or did he attack your replacement coach bag?

  125. Oh, say it isn’t so!
    Ace got into your ribbon and tied up more than a bow!

  126. Don’t venture to even try and guess, pray was something……fixable! Drats! Have to work tomorrow so will miss all the fun! Be sure and tape so I can play catch up. Was really hopeful there would be a class tonight. You pitas have fun will be thinking about you all.

  127. My guess is Ace got up on your desk and ate your suitcase! Or perhaps he spread the garbage out that was in your garbage can. That’s what my dog usually does. Whatever he did I hope it was fixable. That little devil but you still love him!

  128. Chewed on your Travel Tales project? Hope it was nothing too serious. Don’t want my dogs getting any ideas. LOL

  129. I’m guessing that he got into all that thread you have for your sewingmachine. Or he ate your cords to your machines. Hope it’s not to baad whatever it is. Bad Ace! /see you Sat. Hugs

  130. My guess is that he ate your Easter Basket Mini. Poor Ace, always in trouble! Hugs From little Abby girl (the champ of doggy demerits!). jenniannec

  131. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing project BAM! Say it ain’t so! ScraftNH

  132. Anonymous says:

    Did he get in to some ink…He wanted to be pretty for you…Di

  133. Hmmm, bet Ace chewed your computer/internet cord. We all know Ace is very naughty when Mommy isn’t watching. Hope you are feeling better.

  134. got to n be bad for you to post did her get into you new E2 hope not. I was going to say glue gun but you say you leave that baby on all the time.

  135. Perhaps Ace got into your cricut? Maybe he got tangled up in the cords and took it for a ride? At any rate, I hope it wasn’t anything that terrible, maybe he just chewed on a shoe or something lol.


  136. Oops another guess didn’t think of it until I published the last post. I can just imagine an emergency trip to the vet to remove the cricut cartidge lodged in poor ACE’s throat. I really hope that this guess is wrong. I would rather have a safe ACE than to win 🙁

  137. LOL Nadine!!!

  138. Please tell me that he didn’t get ahold of your Vagabond. We know ACE has expensive taste!!!

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