Travel Tales Batch 3

Travel Tales – Full Kit $125, International shipping cost will apply at time of shipping.

The kit will be ready to ship in about a 2 weeks or sooner.

Remember this is an automatic download. When you have completed the paypal check out process, in the Paypal Screen, look for my email address Click on that, it will prompt the download process. It may take a while; the file is 20MB.


  1. Hi Kathy! OMG!! I cant win 🙁 I keep missing out on the BEST kits. I will definiteley be watching the vid to make this one, your projects just out do the previous ones, even thou my fav is the Travel Tales. Please, please, please let know if I can still purchase the Travel Tales kit!! Thanks for sharing your love of paper, Veronica

  2. It’s sold out 🙁

    I want to buy because I love it!!


  3. Yeah, I made it this time and got a kit! I was so sad that I missed the first batch . BTW Kathy, I heard you on HSN the other night!

  4. OMG I was so quick to get the kit and check out, I didn’t even read your note about clicking on your email for the automatic download. Can I still get it? I used my daughter’s email address Kelly7035 and I would love the download to go to my own if that’s possible. Am I a goof or what!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well you have a hardware kit? Thanks Di

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