Travel Tales Suitcase

Kit Update– Hi everyone! Travel Tales will be posted no later than Thursday, April 14th. I just received an email with my shipping confirmation and delivery is scheduled for, Wednesday, April 13th. I will keep you all posted. The tutoiral is available below for those using their own supplies.

Hi everyone- below is the tutorial or better yet the BOOK on the Travel Tales Suitcase Project. If you are purchasing the kit- DO NOT purchase this tutorial, it’s included in your kit purchase. The Kit will be post by the end of the week (hopefully) I am waiting on a few componets. I went a little crazy on the kit- OMG it is a super FAB Kit! As always, all the measurements will be provided during the class as well.

3 projects in this 38 page tutorial
Mini Alum
Passport Wallet

Tutorial $12.95

Tutorial Purchase Options
Personal Use Copy $12.95
License Copy – Upgrade $29.95
Commercial Copy – Upgrade $39.95


  1. Hi,Kathy,

    I Can’t download file from paypal when finished the translation.Please send it to me by email or send me a link to download.Thanks.
    My email:

  2. Kathy – I need to come shopping with YOU!! I’ve been trying to get all my supplies together for the Easter Exploding Mini, the Confessions of a Shopaholic and Travel Tales (plus there’s a few older ones that I want to do too!!) Yikes! I must say I’m overwhelmed at this point. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE I can think of and can’t find half the stuff I need. Where do you find all your stuff??? Next time you go shopping, take me with you! Lunch is on me!! hehe

  3. Kathy, where do you get the little dress form. I plan on buying the kit, but might want to make 2 extras for my sisters!

  4. I belong to the N.O.W. club. No mam, that is not National Organization for Women. It is ” I want it NOW!!!!”. LOL Thanks for the update.

  5. Anonymous says:

    STALKING….STALKING!!!!! Just in case I don’t get to buy the kit (O the Horror!!!) where can I buy the hardware (buckles, rings etc) online? I don’t live in the US and I’ve never seen them in the craft stores here.

  6. Same here! Though I fully think Kathy is trying to tease us! LOL

  7. Thanks for the update ~ still stalking (LOL)

  8. I would love to get this kit – hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky ones — if not I’ll buy the pattern and just follow along – thanks Kathy for your inspiration and your willingness to share your talent!

  9. I guess after reading the comments, I need to stalk with everyone else! I hope you made lots and lots and lots of kits. I know I have been waiting since you first mentioned it! You are so creative and imaginative. . .

  10. I can’t wait!! I love this project. Hope I get the kit lol

  11. Oh my gosh I am jumping with you ladies! I had to pass up that fabulous kit earlier this week knowing that I really wanted this one and it was gonna come any time now! Please please please let me get one! So excited! Hope I don’t miss it! Thanks Kathy for sharing such an awesome part of yourself with us! EVERYTHING you do is fabuloso!

  12. Hey Kathy, still excited.. am jumping up and down with Elaine.. lol.. anyhow, what paper pack is this you are using? thanks..

  13. Anonymous says:

    I just downloaded the pattern and can’t wait for the class! Thanks! Elaine in Boynton Beach

  14. Yay! I can not wait for this kit. I am always too late to purchase. I hope I do not miss this one. I am so incredibly excited! Can you hear me jumping up and down? You are so talented!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dang it, I just bought the pattern and it won’t let me download it. Good grief what do I do now????

  16. Yeah, I have been waiting for this kit. Thank you Kathy.

  17. YEAH!!! woo hoo.. can hardly wait to see the class on this.. hoping i can watch it live.. however, i still plan on making this amazing travel bag… thank you, thank you, thank you… mwah!!!

  18. I have so been waiting for this kit!!!!!!!!! I can’t take it!! I guess I will have to stalk your blog. Big Hugs!!!

  19. Oh EMMM GEEE ! Kathy ! I can’t wait to get this kit ! Hopefully it won’t sell out before ! I will have to be on the lookout ! Thanks for putting this kit together. It makes it all the better and easy ! Hugs ! xoxoxo

  20. I am waiting impatiently for the kit! LOL. It is awesome! Kathy you are so creative!!!!! looking forward to the end of the week.

  21. Ohhh I can not wait for this one! I am sooo stalking because I want/need/love this kit!!

  22. You are absolutely amazing. The ideas that you come up with…WOW!! I wish my brain had 1/2 of the creative juice that yours has.

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