Episode 3 – Paper Bag Mini Album


  1. kathy i would love to make this ablum but cant get the part 4 or part5 to see how it goes together can you help me plese

  2. You have turned me into a paper bag scrapbooking finatic Kathy!

  3. Kathy you are so creative, I love this mini and I am trying to keep up but you are super woman. I did not use my Big Bite to make the hole but a Versa Tool, like a wood burning tool. I went right through but it did not crack it like yours. Which by the way is to cool. I may go back and try to punch one to see what I get. Thank you for this album, it is beautiful. I can’t wait for the cover.

  4. so guess what!! the crop-a-dile punches a hole in the charm without shattering it!! just one smooth hole. now just have to put the charm together and attach to the page. the album is looking great and looking forward to the next challenge.

  5. i’ve watched several times but can’t seem to find the measurements for the tags to the bag pockets. did you give them? could you please say them again. thanks.
    have all six put together. have been working like crazy!!! some aren’t as good as i’d like them but hey – it’s just the first try so the next will be better.
    love the embellishments so far. don’t have a big bite but will figure out some way to get a hole in that sucker.
    can’t wait for the next episode. this is terrific.

  6. Love love love it! I have to make my first one out of paper on hand, but it will be good practice cuz I want to make this one for my grandsons when I’m able to get this Timmy paper. It makes a good ‘guy’ album, which are hard for me to get ideas for. Not a lot of guy albums being done. Also, I’m really liking this daily YouTube class. You’re awesome!

    aka Queen’s Paper Palace

  7. love that you punched a hole in the fragment – going to try it with my crop-a-dial

  8. I just love how this is coming along with all those great interactive elements!! I love your charms, especially that pocket clock and cant wait to see the next episode :O)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love this album Kathy! Sure did miss u in January. Any I missed the first class, so glad to watch these videos. Can’t wait for the next Ustream.


  10. Your killing me woman! I love love love this! I must get me some timmy papah!

  11. I love it, Now I just need you to make me a kit LOL

  12. LOVE IT!!!! Awesome ideas on the embellishment….I’m not a big fan of Tim’s grunge look…(please don’t hate me) but I love the fundamentals on this album…..mind just wont be grungee…..I hope that’s ok…..
    Can’t wait till the next page…..

  13. very lovely page

  14. kathy u better be sending this album to my house, that’s all I’m saying LOL

  15. Lovin’ this mini can’t wait to see the next page. Oh, smart thinkin’ to slip in the chest class for Wed. can’t wait. Did I say I’m lovin’ this mini OMG!

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is getting kewler and kewler. I just love it. Can’t wait for the next video. Way ta go gal!!!!!

  17. I love the tri-fold piece – what a great way to add more space for pictures. The album is really great so far. Can’t wait to see the completed album. I need to purchase the materials so I can get started on my mini.
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  18. Wow, trying to keep up here! I love this mini-it’s soo cute!

  19. This is going to be a awesome album when finished. Thanks for sharing & taking time to show us how to do this. Much appreciated!!

  20. You did it again! This is soooo creative. I love all the interactive features. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us and keeping us inspired.


  21. Love all the pockets. I think the title “Pick a Pocket” is perfect–it alliterates well, too.

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