Paperbag Mania!!!

Hi all — I guess I’m on a paper bag album kick!!! Here’s another. This will be a mini series on Youtube. Are you going to make with mini with me?


  1. I love this I am a forever follower! making a couple for my wedding!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, my name is Berit and I am from Sweden and came by your site on Wednesday and I have done the 2 first videos. I have not the same paper bags adn TH paper as you but its working ine anyway. I just love your site and I am so very grateful that you have all these videos available for every one. I will keep on visiting. Thanks once agian, I am off to my scrap room now to continue with the album.

  3. Wow, just love this mini album. My granddaughter is getting married in August, so I can’t wait to make one of these for her.

  4. Perfect for my mini wedding albums – I must go shopping!!!

  5. I LOVE this book, and I’ve ordered the kit. Thanks for this great opportunity to learn how to make a really nice, eclectic paper bag album. I’ve always wanted to try this!

  6. I had to go to a different town but I FOUND THE BAGS!! Now I can do this project. I have been wanting to do a mini for some time but was never sure how to go about it but now with these GREAT videosI can. it will be my very first mini album & I am so glad I found Kathy ‘s videos. Kathy you sound just like my Daughter-in-law, her voice and the way you say words really took me for a minute. Thank you so much.

  7. Oh my God Kathy this is so stinking beautiful mini, I have to make my because I love it and is perfect for a guy photos too. I love all your minis and video and the classes everything you do is great. Yes I will love to see more series of minis like this one. I don’t know where you get all this ideas. Me encanta tu talento que sigas hacia delante.

  8. At my Michael’s they are hanging on a display rack in the isle with the tissue paper & gift bags. There are many different color choices & two sizes. This project uses the bigger size & there are 12 bags in the package.
    I hope this helps. I stood in the isle watching the video on my phone trying to figure it out. I got a few funny looks. LOL!

  9. I want to do this soooo bad but cannot find bags!!! Awsome videos- do easy to understand. I have GOT to find bags. Anybody have a clue where? My Michaels looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for them & Michael’s website does not list them, at least not that I could find.

  10. also…how do I join to be a PITA??? and can I???

  11. oh my gosh…do I clean the house for company or do I make them gifts????
    off to my craft room…love the paper bag ablum “new” spin.
    Thanks again for sharing your great ideas!!!

  12. Oh dang! I was told to come to your blog to learn how to make flowers, nobody warned me that I’d want to make everything else too! I’m slowly following along making one, it’s way too cute and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. I just discovered your blog and am so excited to get started on this mini. What a wonderful idea to be able to make it along with you (although I’m starting off a few days behind). I’m off to get some paper bags and see if I can catch up. Thanks so much for sharing each step of this project!

  14. I was totally wondering what to do with the Steampunk papers I bought…now I know!! Thanks!

  15. Kathy, I just love your ideas and my friend and I have gotten all the materials and we are going to tackle this thing with gusto tomorrow! We are looking forward to having a fun paper craft day. . .

  16. Hi Kathy, yes I am doing this wonderful project. It’s a little challenging for me because this is not something I normally do but I am enjoying this project and spending the day with you!!!

  17. I am following along. I’m not as fast as you. Love, love your projects.

  18. Hi Kathy! Love the mini album.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have been wanting to try my hand at making a mini album, and this one seems very easy to do. I am certainly following along! I love your ideas!

  20. Love this project and I’m definitely following along! You come up with the neatest things!

  21. Kathy, another great project. I am going to make this along with you. I’m heading to your state in May to visit Mickey, Minnie and all the princesses and I think this mini album would be great to do in a Disney theme.
    thanks for sharing.
    Cathie Forman

  22. This is a great mini album. I love love love how you can use 4×6 photos in this one. I have so many 4×6 photos. I will be doing this one with you. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us how to make such a cool album!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Kathy this is one fabulous project!!! I love all your projects and I also love Tims stuff so this is just perfect. How did you know I was in need of a project to chase away the winter blues?? Thanks so much…Pam

  24. Kathy you have done it again. I knew there was a reason I bought this paper collection. (other than I love TH). Now all I need is to get the backs but I have watched the videos and made lots of notes. This is one I definitely will be making. Thanks for sharing your talent again. I can’t wait for the Valentine’s chest class!

  25. Wow Kathy really love this paper bag mini i realyy will hav eto try this one. Thanks for sharing

  26. Oh Kathy I love this….I don’t really like paper bag albums b/c of all the folds of the bags….so this is totally awesome…..and I will be making this album with you…..and can’t wait for the cover…….thank you for sharing…

  27. I love it! I picked up some bags at Target in the dollar bin. But there is only 6 in the package, which will work. Need some more now!

  28. Love it Kathy you really have a great mind. My chemo brain would never let me see this. I have got to make the 3 hours round trip drive to Mike’s and get some of these bags for sure.

  29. Wonderful!!!!! I just love this album. I will be pulling out my paper bags and giving it a go.

  30. OMG you’ve done it again girl. What a fantastic idea. Love it love it love it. Yes I will be following along as usual. Glad to have you back even if it is just You Tube. Thanks

  31. Love the new take on the paper bag mini,I’m going to follow along with you. TFS

  32. amazing how you expanded that bag! Wish I saw this earlier to go to M’s! Looking forward to the videos!

  33. Hi Kathy! I love your mini albums, paper bags, but can not find them anywhere. I have searched Michael`s websise but I did not find the paper bags. Could you please tell me a website where sold and shipped them outside USA?, I’m from Spain, Thanks for your help. my e-mail is

  34. Kathy,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! The one thing I always hate about paper bag albums is those gussets!!! This eliminates this and makes the page much more useful!!!! You are a creative genius!!!!!

  35. Love it! I wish I had black bags, but I do have natural, maroon, and purple. I can surely find paper that I already have that will work with one of these. I’m making myself use some if this stockpile of paper I have. 🙂 I will for sure be making this with you. I am sooooo glad your back!! Luv ya.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Once again, you amaze us!! What a fun “twist” on the paper bag album! I too will be making this one with you.

  37. I was just at Michaels today and now Im off again. I love it!!!

  38. You must read my mind I was just looking at my paper bags thinking it was time to drag them out again.

  39. I’m a newby and can’t believe my luck!!! I have the paper bags and paper in my craft room. I can follow along and make a complete mini.
    Thanks bunches!!!

  40. Kathy Love this album. I’m going to make it along with you. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  41. Another wonderful creation in the works. And terrific tutorial to show how to make the pages. You rock, sistah!!

  42. Hi Kathy I love this paper bag album you always come up with great ideas that keep us excited.


  43. Gorgeous…I am going to do this mini….I’ll post on my blog when done…This is gorgeous…Love all of the real estate (if you would…)…..TFS…I’ll be back for the cover video…..

  44. Definitely will be making one! As if I needed another reason to go to Michael’s…lol!

  45. Fabulous, Kathy! I love the maximum use of a paper bag; and to think I thought nothing more could be done with the bag and you show this to us!

  46. Ingenious. Love this new mini. Truly a phenomenal project!

  47. Another amazing mini!!!!!! I think I have some bags left. I will surely be joining you.


  48. Hi Kathy!!! You are AMAZING!!!! I’m going upstairs to dig out some bags and get to work on this mini. May try to use the mariposa paper (one of my favs).

    So glad you are back!!!

  49. I just discovered you and your fabulous creations, and I’m so glad I got here in time for the first episode of this paper bag mini series. I just love it! As many of the commenters before me, I’m going to run out to Michael’s today to get my bags so I can get started! I’m looking forward to exploring your other projects on YouTube, Ustream, Blogspot, etc.

    One question: I saw your YouTube video showing the “walk down memory lane” of your mini-album-making history. Who are the two women you mentioned as being such an inspiration to you to get back to making minis? I think you said their names are Mona and Arlene. How can I find them on YouTube? Thanks.

  50. This is such a fabulous assembly Kathy!! I will definitely be making this one….off to create :O)

  51. Hey Kathy, Yes, Yes, Yes, I’m making this mini with you – love the new take on the paperbag mini. I’ve done something like it but, you have taken it a little bit further than I did.

  52. Kathy you rock! Wow you never cease to amaze me, this is a great new take on paper bag mini album. Can’t wait to make one! Thanks and can’t wait for the next episodes.

  53. Well, I am off to Michael’s to get some bags. How do you come up with these ideas? You are so creative.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Ingenious as usual Kathy!


  55. Love this. I’ve never done one but I will be following along to make my first. Everyone has to start somewhere right? And there’s no place better than with you! Now if it would just stop snowing so that I can get over to Michaels.

  56. As usual, another FAB project by the PITA queen!!! Thanks for sharing with us. PTP! You’re the best!

  57. This is fabulous! I’m going to follow along for a present for my sister on the 22nd! She moved to another state so I thought I’d make momentos of this state and me and name the album in case you miss me! I’m sure she’ll love it! Can’t wait til your next episode!

  58. This is the best EVER. Now the tags can slide in the main bag because those darn “gussets” have been put to another use. You are my paper phenomenon-

  59. This is so different from bags I’ve done before. I’m inspired!
    Please tell me why you used score tape instead of your ATG at the binding. I’m not familiar with score tape. Where is score tape sold? I live in a big city so I have big box store options & want to try to get started on this today. THANKS for the ideas, lessons & help!

  60. Of course we will make one, I have paper I need to use up. Thanks Kathy.

  61. Hi KAthy. Love it!! I need more baggies…I think they should start selling them in bulk! LOL.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Kathy, love this new take on the paper bag, I’m going to follow along with you. I’m off to get my bags. ~Debra

  63. Kathy, I love this idea, I will be doing this with you..can’t wait for the next video.

  64. Love the new assembly. I will have to give it a try soon! Kathy will you check out my blog at

  65. Hello Kathy, love this album! Love all your albums! 🙂 What are the messures (hope this is good English) of the paperbags? I’m from Holland and have no “Micheals” here.


  66. I LOVE this album! I think I have some paperbags in my craftroom, I am off to find them and start my album so I can follow along. thanks for sharing your creativitiy!

  67. That is absolutely fantastic Kathy …I am heading out now to get my paperbags to make this with you. Just FAB !!!! 🙂

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