Sewing Anyone????

Hi Everyone– I have to share!!! I purchased a sewing machine!!! Yes I am going to learn how to sew!!! Not on Fabric, but on PAPER!!!!! I am so excited. Michelle get ready because I’m going to have a ton of questions!!!

Expect to be sewing on future classes!!!! I can’t wait to get it.
PS: this can be really good or really, really bad!! LOL

This is where I purchased it– Joann’


  1. Ha ha if you have any questions I can help, I own an embroidery/sewing combo, serger, 2 sewing machines and a 4×4 embroidery machine.
    Its not hard at all and who knows one day you may just want to try out fabric. (wink)


  2. sorry to post this here but I cannot find your email address- I would like to knw how to finish the book on you tube at
    I have all my sacks done, I have the outside chipboard covered but I dont know how you put the sacks in the chipboard with the “gusset” on the outside- do you have a link or a tutorial for this somewhere? PLEASE help I would love to finish this book soon!

  3. How exciting!

  4. Kathy says to BUY a sewing machine 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I love sewing on paper!

  6. Nice glad you joined us sewers. I have one that embroiders also love love love it. Though I do have my eye on a new one that not only sews and embroiders it works as a serger as well so i could have clean edges. Now if you show me how to use this on paper I just may get the new one lol. I think ill drag my machine out and try to embroider on paper might have to use a stabilizer with it have tons of the water soluble stabilizer i will give it a try see how that works and let you know.

    Zelda painting the machine does not work well, I have tried it wanted it purple like I did my cricut but the sewing machine has some kind of covering on it that makes the paint peel really bad no matter what you do, I have tried several types of paint and so far had to remove them all. If anyone finds a paint that will stick to the machines let me know i would love them to match.

  7. I will be learning with you as well Kathy….I agree….totally really really good or bad….but I have confidence in you to come up with some awesome stuff….I should you this pattern to make a a journal with your sewing machine…..let me know….

  8. Are you going to bling your sewing machine? Maybe paint it pink into a pita sewing machine? I can’t wait to see what projects are ahead!

  9. Way to go, Girlfriend! We will have a ton of fun with this! I’ll be here to help you whenever you need it! Just give me a call, or we’ll Skype it…. my Bernina is in the computer room. Ready?!?!??!

  10. Kathy!!! esto esta genial siempre me a llamado la atencion hacer estoy, quiero aprender tambien!!!
    Karla Urea

  11. I have this same sewing machine and love, love, love it! I purchased it to incorporate sewing into my paper projects, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  12. Move over Martha…..we have another sewing Diva coming soon……

  13. It’s gonna be great, Kathy. You’ll be hooked in no time!

  14. SO COOL! I haven’t tried sewing on paper yet! I have a sewing machine but didn’t know that you could sew on paper with these big regular machines…I thought they were too powerful for that. Well I will just have to see what you discover Kathy!

  15. Its so much fun. Your sewing machine is good. I have a PFAFF and a Singer machine and i love it.

  16. Cool! Now I’ll have a reason to take my sewing machine out of the box it’s been in for over a year! LOL! Thanks Kathy!

  17. yeah Kathy, your going to love it, it’s so much fun. xoxoxo

  18. Kathy, I can’t believe you found a sewing machine for that great price! I need a new one sew bad 🙂 Let me know how you like it!! The last I heard, the Brother brand is owned by a Japanese firm.

  19. Looks like a good one to use for our paper projects.

  20. Oh this will be really really good. Especially for us when you share with us some cool stuff you will make using it. Have fun!

  21. How fun! You will love a Brother sewing machine! Both of my sewing and embroidery machines are Brother machines and I LOVE them!! I have other machines, too, but my Brothers are my go-too machines! Sewing on paper is so simple! You will have a blast!!! Just don’t sew through your finger. It hurts!!! Ask me how I know! haha

  22. Awesome!!!
    Just remember not to sew through the adhesive. Plan ahead and apply adhesive to the center to hold paper in place as you sew around the edges. The adhesive will ruin your machine. Hope that helps.

  23. way to go queen … i also have a machine that i use just for stitching on paper…your gonna have fun..i first made my first dress for my doll when i was 5 years old along side of my mon. after that i was desining wedding dresses.and much more.cant wait what you bring us….:)

  24. I have a sewing machine but have never used it. Maybe now I’ll have the guts. We can learn together, chica!


  25. Kathy, you are going to love it. I sew as well and have for almost 33 years. I made all of my sons clothes when he was a baby and I make my own clothes now. I also own a Brother as well as a little small machine I use for paper crafting. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  26. I have a Brother sewing machine similiar to this one, and two others, plus a serger. I like the Brother best. It’s light weight and sews great, I think you will like it. It will be interesting to see what you plan on sewing!I have been sewing for over 30 years and haven’t sewn on paper yet. Will be waiting to see what you come up with!

  27. Congrats!!! I have a sewing machine and have done some sewing on paper.
    Can not wait to see what you are going to do!!!!
    Sorry I missed your class last night. My kids have way to many after school activities, no time to scrapbook during the week.
    Thank God you record!!!!!

  28. Great !!! Let’s learn together !! LOL

    Have a great Wednesday 😉

  29. Awesome! You’ll love it & I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

  30. Congrats! I have not sewn on paper yet, but I have been a sewer since I was about 7 and love it! And your going to love it too!

  31. Congrats!!! I love sewing on paper! Just got mine for Christmas! You should check out some of my cards I’ve made recently and posted on my blog!


  32. Really sounds like fun!!!

  33. awesome blossom!
    i love sewing on my paper projects 🙂

  34. You are such enabler!!!

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