New Paper Bag Album page assembly

He is a new mini, A paper bag Mini Album– have fun with this one Party People:


  1. Kathy you ROCK, this mini is so adorable love the paper, can not wait for the class, when is the class
    Also just wanted everyone to know, I called my Micheals and they just got the paper in yesterday it’s in their spring collection!!! I love the paper!!!!!!!
    Thanks again

  2. I am so sorry you can’t find the paper. I picked up my stack at Micheals. I seached online and I can’t find it either. So sorry 🙁

  3. Hope I am around to catch your class. Love the Minis! Miss classes bad 🙁 Cya soon!

  4. Very cute mini album

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love this mini album but can’t find this paper any where! Could you give us some idea where to look on the internet.Nothing comes up if you search for Me and My Big Ideas watercolor paper.

  6. Kathy u r the bomb!!!! Yes I went back in the day! LOL Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us. U r awesome. Now I hope u spent quality time with the fam and enjoying ur January. Can’t wait till Feb. classes start.

  7. Very awesome!!! Love this style of paper bag album. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Thanks for a great tutorial. I have not been able to locate this paper. Could you comment on the manufacturer and name of the paper again. Thanks!

  9. You are just so super talented! God Bless!

  10. Another great project! Love the ‘cross over’ pages. Really adds something new to the mini. Looking forward to working with this design!

  11. Can’t wait!

  12. this one is great. i truly needed it for the back pack mini as i had to many things in it and it would not close! lol miss ya see you soon

  13. I just love this mini! You make it look so easy. Can’t wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love this mini. Cool idea!

  15. Love this take on the paper bags Kathy! Once again, you bring the goods to the table! Thank you & I hope January has been good to you :). Can’t wait to see you on Ustream soon!

  16. Another great project! Love that paper. My goal is to get all my supplies ready by the day of the class and try not to chat it up too much so I can make it with you:) Can’t wait for the class!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Wow, this one is super Fab… love that paypuh, it’s gorgeous. Another beautiful project. Can’t wait for the class!!!

  18. Thank you for a quick tutorial on a new tqist on the paperbag album – yup – it is quick: love it!!!! TFS……………hugs, P

  19. OMG!!!I have been a lurker on your blog for probably over a year and I am always AMAZED at your fabulous creation. I truly think you are an ARTIST!!! I call you “THE ARTISTIA” to my hunny when I talk about what you created. I actually think I might be able to create a similar mini b/c you make it look so easy!!! I Love your step by step instructions for the “wiggle room” LOL and I esp. love your use of the hot glue gun…seriously what other adhesive will hold as good? NONE!!! Thanks for always sharing your talent and creations and making a newbie feel inspired!!!
    Valerie Martin

  20. I am always just fascinated with your ability! I love this and always enjoy all your directions. Thanks for sharing

  21. Super cool, I love learning new ways for paper bag albums. Awesome Kathy!

  22. I can’t wait for the class. I think I can totally do this one. Pretty paper!!

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