Tinsel Town Express– All Aboard!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!

HI Everyone — Join me for Tinsel Town Express, Sunday 12 /19/2010 at 12PM CST in the my Ustream Channel.


A Special Thank you to Jen C for the Tinsel Town Express Blinkie

Click here to join the Class

Click Here for the Train Gypsy File


  1. Hi Kathy
    Any chance of a pdf version of the train template? Or anywhere we can purchase a printable version? I don’t have a cricut or gypsy 🙁 and I really want to make this project for my grandson

  2. 1st time on ustream.. loving it!!!


  3. I missed the class:( I didn’t realize we where having class today… I have been checking the post and didn’t see this one. Off to the video!
    I will try to catch the next one.


  4. Dang… today is the class?? we leaving to have breakfast right now, but have fun!! I love your project so Kute!!

  5. DANG it all!! I missed it! I was stalking your blog until about 5 too!
    Well I am not missing the Christmas party I have it on my calendar on the computer that whistles at me.
    Well off to the recording for me again. I feel like I’ve been banished LOL.

  6. I have family in town so I can’t be there with you. But I will definitely try to pop in for a brief HELLO if time permits.

    (How cute is that blinkie?! LOL)

  7. Kathy,
    This is sssssoooo darn cute!! LOVE IT!!!! I only have one regret…..there’s just not enough time to complete all your Christmas projects BEFORE Christmas!! BUT, I will complete them so keep ’em coming Christmas or not!!! LOVE all your projects, you are one very, very talented woman! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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