Hello Everyone

Join me at 320 Sycamore Lane for a peep show shortly! I promised a December 1st peep and I deliver! Stay tuned. I am so very excited and I hope you will be too! Remember when a bell rings, an angel get his wings!!!!!!!!!


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Can you imagine what the rest is going to look like????


  2. Wow, looks awesome, can’t wait. Can you give us some hint what the carts are?

  3. where did you find the peep show

  4. Peep shows RULE! We want more!

  5. I don’t get it. What r u talking about?

  6. I missed it was at the hospital with a broken ankle sorry I missed it and you didn’t record.

  7. BugJunkie says:

    Trust me…you girls will Love what she is doing. OMG…Awesome!!

  8. Santa said no presents for NAUGHTY girls! What a tease!

  9. Oh Kathy, can’t wait to see. I am going to sit by this computer till I see the unveiling of this project!!!!! You are such a tease.

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