For those of you that have been asking, What is a Pita? Please read below.

” Pita Babes” – Check out the official Pita Principles

What is a PITA?

P*I*T*A (pee~tah)
slang [in sing] informal

1. annoying or tedious person, thing or task; 2. physical suffering or marked discomfort in a particular part of one’s anatomy, expressly your bum; 3. a familiar or humorous phrase or name given to a person (PITA: acronym, initialism a word formed from the initial letters of other words), expressly followers of Paper Phenomenon, exhibiting love, devotion or affection. 4.a sistah hood of the Queen’s devoted followers.

Modern English
derived from a Tuki – ism

Power To The Pita
the memorable motto and phrase used to express one’s loyalty to the sistah hood of the Pita. 2. PTTP( acronym Power to the Pita)

Pita Pledge
I am a pita babe
I am beautiful, creative and fabulous
I will become one with my hot glue gun
I can express myself thru my creativity

Official Pita Food

Official Pita Chant
Chirp, Chirp

Official Pita Hand Gesture (LOL)
fore finger and middle finger extended in the motion of a pair of scissors

Written by Wende at Passionately Paper


  1. Okay… I think I got a little closer to being “one with the glue gun” this weekend. I FINALLY, and I mean FINALLY, finished the Haunted House from the Fright Nite Crop. Mine’s a bit cutesy with pumpkins, but I like it. Will need to take a photo and share on the Forum (just ordered a digital camera and should get it this week). The Fright Nite Upstream was my first class and I had a great time, Virgin PITA.

  2. Too funny, girlfriend. Power to the PITAS!!

  3. Love it! My dh and daughter say I’m definitely a PITA! LOL! I think I might have to digitize the PITA pledge and embroider it out on a pillow or lap quilt. Thanks Kathy and fellow PITA babes for the humor and creativity you bring into my day.

  4. LOL love it! LOL I want the T-Shirt, stamp, and paper pad when it comes out! Wende that was good! Power To The Pita’s! Barbara

  5. zoe2000rlh says:

    POWER TO THE PITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is great…I am proud to be a PITA

  7. Just a laugh I needed to day. You rock, Wende! I’m a proud PITA!

  8. How awesome! How do I join the PITA BABES club!!

  9. I wish I could post a comment but I am rolling on the floor!! This is awesome! PTTP! Watch the hands PEOPLE ::doing scissor motion::!

  10. Too, too funny! I figured out that PITA stood for “Pain In The A@@”! But I love the whole manifesto! I’ve been ‘lurking’ for a bit now, watching your classes: Love your creativity, love your projects, love your fun approach to life, love your “Mom” mode…LOVE everything. PTTP and gesture THE PITA salute! DoriG

  11. please have someone put this on a stamp and a card so we can proudly display for everyone to see.
    this is great wende


  12. luvglitztoo says:

    One Last thing…my husband wants to sneak in an be a PITA. . .I told him to “Fo Git About IT”

  13. luvglitztoo says:

    Yes, Finally VALIDATION of the SISTAH HOOD!!! I will have chocolate and say Papah, WhatEvah, ForEvah. Thanks Wende, you have hit it on the mark!!! And thanks Tuki for all of your “isms”.
    I love my PITA Sistahs. And most of all to our QUEEN Kathy for making all of this fun possible. Hand Jesture “cut, cut & chirp, chirp to all. PTTP


  15. That is the best! I put it on my blog in hopes of recruiting other PITA’s

  16. I’ve been wondering for sometime what a pita is. Thanks for the enlightenment. I’m not sure but I might be one, too.

  17. Wende you are so funny, PTTP – WOOOHOOO!! Love those pitas!!!!!!

  18. Power to the PITA’s, right on!

  19. I love it! Just last night I was scouting your blog for this very information! Love your videos, your blog, your accent (I grew up in PA) and your attitude!

    Have a happy!

  20. yeah…PITA`s lives all over the is a PITA Virgin from Germany*lol

    PTTP *chirp chirp*

    Conny alias Jumafabi(ustream)

  21. Love it! 🙂

  22. Wende you go sistah!! Power to the PITA’S!!! (while doing the PITA official hand gesture)ROTFLMAO!!!!

  23. OMG! (doing a scissor motion.)
    People will still ask what the PITA acronym stands for. Pain in the @SS!


  24. I have formally pledged my PITA pledge and done the hand sign. I ate a Hershey’s kiss to seal the deal and immediately felt empowered!
    Chirp! Chirp! Power to the Pita! Love it! I like the stamp idea, maybe we all could submit ideas for a stamp or digi-stamp we could put on our work! Ideas?

  25. You have hit it exactly right, girl friend!!! PTTP forevah!!! Love it, love it, love it!

  26. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! This is hilarious!!! TOO FUNNY I LOVE IT! Yall need to get these on stamps! hehe…Kathy sorry I missed class tonight! It is hard to make your weeknight classes as I am still getting home from work…boo..but I can watch is later!

  27. omg ya girls are real funny pitas lol lol i love it

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