Class Postponed– Monster Mash Part 2

Hi guys I have to postpone class until tomorrow at 7PM CST. Some things came up that I have to take care of now!!!!! Hugs to you all and sorry for the short notice. When I say it came up — it literally came up.


  1. I was thinking more along the lines of julie1551, I immediately thought of the chat and it would be more fun for you. NOT that you were sick! Im sorry you feel bad and hope you feel better soon. Although you really haven’t clarified have you?? LOL

  2. Look PITA QUEEN no being sick…..I have no clue how to go day to day when you are sick. Feel Better Soon!

  3. Literally CAME UP sounds like our chat. Hope everything is okay…

  4. Awe Kathy I’m so sorry your not feeling well. Prayers and hugs out to ya! Hope to see ya tomorrow night..

  5. I hope you feel better real soon. Look forward to the class when your well.
    My daughter suddenly had something come up today also. Must be going around.

  6. You and my daughter are sick and I hope you are all better soon.

  7. Hey Kathy rest up and feel better!!!

  8. lol didn’t mean to put means was suppose to say glad I didnt miss it lol

  9. I am sorry your not feeling well but am glad means I didn’t miss it ;o) hehehe

  10. Sorry to hear you had to cancel will see you tomorrow night. Since I did not have all my stuff ready for class last night I will go ahead and make my box and cut all my pieces out today. You are a very talented lady. I enjoy your classes.

  11. I hope you get to feeling better…..will be waiting for tomorrow class…..

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