PITA, PITA Cricut Feeder!!!!!

O-M-G— I need the new Christmas MINIs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been so excited about a release since the Halloween cart releases. LOL!!! Hmmm, that wasn’t too long ago. Anway, it doesn’t matter, I want the Gingerbread cart really bad I can taste Gingerbread!!!!!! Not only do I want it, I have to have it, NEED IT, Can’t LIVE MY Cricut life without it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone Tell ME where to get it NOW at the best price of couse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I just bought the Gingerbread Seasonal cart at JoAnn’s for 19.99. That was the only one of the 3 news they had, but that was a good enough price to get without having to WAIT for it. Hopefully they will get the other two before the sale ends! Sorry, Pita Queen!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe they are in stock at Cricutmachine.


  3. I order mine(Gingerbread) form cricut machine.com with there 20 off cuz it was the only one i wanted from them 3 i aslo order wrap it up here the link http://www.cricutmachine.com
    the code it good onto sunday

  4. I actually saw one at a Joann Store near my house in their cage…. I didn’t know you wanted it. Can see if it’s still there?

    Jess B.

  5. Oh man sorry I added to many letters, let’s try this again…

  6. OK, they are due to ship the beginning of Nov. whatever that means…LOL Here is a great place to check out as well..Dragonflies and Daisies Paper Crafts (ddppapercrafts@gmail.com). Some of the retailers on ebay state that they have them in stock now, but I have been burned by that claim previously!! Please post back if you find them somewhere in stock now!!

  7. Ok guys– But here is the question do we know if these places are shipping now????????

  8. We don’t have A.C. Moore in KC. Can you purchase online from them?

  9. Kathy it’s ReNae in Kansas! You can pre-order the Gingerbread House at Cropstop.com for $22.99! Here is the link and here is the verbage…
    2000537 – Gingerbread House – PRE ORDER
    Recreate the look of your grandmother’s Christmas cookies with the Gingerbread cartridge! This seasonal cartridge is filled with gingerbread themed…
    $29.99 $22.99

  10. I saw that today at Hobby /lobby! I toadaly agree! (still halloween) I must have it. $24.99 at Hobby Lobby. Sounds like AC has a good deal but I don’t have one. 🙁 Good Luck. Can’t wait to see what you create!!!

  11. Can’t wait to see what you make with it when you get it 🙂

  12. scrappysales.org they have the best price right now, just 18.00 and change each shipped to my door.


    HI Kathy!

  13. AC Moore – it will be 19.99 this weekend – plus there is a $5 off coupon on your total Cricut purchase!

  14. http://www.cricutmachine.com $59.95 for all 3
    enjoy I just ordered them.
    Looking forward to Ustream tonight
    Mamie Lou

  15. I also would love to know where 🙂 I want it too!I know AC Moore is having some cricuts on sale for $39.99 with a five off coupon not sure if they have the gingerbread, I think I saw it on Wendy’s blog, check her out, maybe she knows. Hugs Laura.

  16. Ebay. Best price.

  17. I am going to a local store tomorrow, that is offering $5.oo off my cricut cartridge total. I am not sure if that cart is there, but I too want the Gingerbread Mini!!!

  18. It is cute. I love them all. I get mine mini’s from Terri at Stamps alive. She has excellent customer service and great prices. http://www.stampsalive.blogspot.com

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