Come Join the Party!!!!!

Remember I promised a place where we can hang out, share the Paper Phenomenon Projects, Pita Festivities and all the good stuff– Well here it is Party People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click Here to Join the Party

I promise it’s going to be fun!!!!


  1. Kathy,
    It will not work will not send me an email to verify that I want to become a member. What can I do to fix this. Thanks for all your help.

  2. I signed up and now waiting to be approved. Can’t wait.

  3. Wao!!! I love this!!! Let’s party Pita Babes

  4. I was able to sign up! Can’t wait. Thanks for doing this Kathy!

  5. ummmmmm I can’t do it!! I try to sign up for a new account and it says password is invalid?? wahhhhhhh I wanna party too!!

    Let me know what I’m doing wrong Kathy!!!

  6. Just sent in my request. I think I missed something……LOL!! I don’t know what this is for, but sure it’s something fabbo!
    Kim Curtis

  7. It works, just sent in my request. This is gonna be a fab party!!!!

  8. ok now– For REAL!!!! do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh pretty please…can I come too? My email is nowirehangers.00 at gmail dot com Gracias, Angie

  10. still not working, says I need an invitation still 🙁

  11. Now click on the link– LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ok guys all fixed now!!!! LOL

  13. I didn’t receive an email either. Was there a sign up list earlier? I must have missed it. I am a follower and a ustream fan. If you do sign ups again please put me down. Thanks.

    moreetribe at bellsouth dot net

  14. I received the e-mail and when I click on the link and log in,it says I need an invitation.duh!

  15. Anonymous says:

    It says to click the link in the email. I did not revceive an email. The last email received was about the Gypsy files. My email is Maybe I just havent received it yet. Thanks for all your wonderful creativity.

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