Think Pink Mini Binding Peep

Hi Everyone– here is a quick PEEP PEEP at the binding for the Think Pink Mini. Class will be on Thursday at 8PM CST. Hope you likey!!! Hugs Kathy


  1. Hey Bella, the mini is BEAUTIFUL, cant wait for tonight!!! You always have the bestest classes, must be a PITA thing!!!! Mnay hugs Laura.

  2. Simply amazing! Can’t wait for the class tonight to see how the Queen did this binding! Fabo!!!!!

  3. Wow!!!! It is amazing!!! Love it!

  4. Super Fab my Queen! Can’t wait for the class!

  5. Wow! I am speechless. A little rest for the Queen is a major good thing! Very stunning binding! Can’t wait to see more!!!!

  6. zoe2000rlh says:

    Precioso! So, so pretty!!!!

  7. That Binding is amazing! I can’t wait for the class.

  8. So feminine! very cute! did you use the new heat-bling tool for this?

  9. How pretty….cant’ wait to see how you did that…..will be there Thursday…..

  10. LOVE it!! Can’t wait for class on Thursday.

  11. WOW our queen has outdone herself again. What more can be said about this………….

  12. That is gorgeous! 🙂

  13. Kathy the binding is gorgeous!!! Should we expect anything less?? Don’t think so.

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