Class Tonight!!!- Fright Night & PEEP SHOW

Hi Everyone!!!! Class will be in session tonight at 8PM CST!!!

Don’t be late because you will miss the Peep!!!!!!

Click here for the Class


  1. Kathy,
    i am going to try and make it to this class but not sure. i’ve been out of FL and in OH for a few weeks and my wifi here is spotty at best.. i do want you to let people know that hobby lobby has all their paper mache houses at 30% off this week…so i have mine all set when you have the class on the Christmas house…
    Connie in FL (indialantic)

  2. BugJunkie says:

    OMG…your latest kits are Fabulous! Love, Love, Love them!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kathy, hope you’re feeling better soon, take care. Will the rest of last night’s class be today (Sun)? Whenever Kathy is feeling up to it, I don’t want to miss a single minute! ~Paper Piecing Diva~

  4. well cheese and crackers!!!! i can’t believe i was there for the last minute of class. lol
    anyone know what we can make from those round crystal lite cannisters? maybe kathy, you can come up with some fabulous way to use these.

  5. BugJunkie says:

    It keeps locking up on me. Think it’s my computer, but I will keep trying to join you.

  6. Today!!! the Class is called Fright Night. LOL

  7. So is the class today or was it last night ? In my email it said Friday night class ? I’m confused.

  8. Hi Kathy: Can’t wait for class. Already got my house from Hobby Lobby!

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