Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Winner of the Pita Babe Shadow Box is Mel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel email me at paperphenomenon@gmail.com

Everyone say Congrats to Mel!!!!!!


  1. Congrats Mel, ENJOY!!!!!

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  3. Congrats Mel!

  4. Congrat’s Mel!!! I have to laugh b/c it was hard to see the l next to the !!!’s so I though it said ME!!! lol! I’m thinking she won her own blog candy. lol! 😉 That made me smile. Hope you have a good weekend!!!

  5. Congratulations, Mel!! Enjoy your prize!!


  6. Congrats Mel!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Mel. I hope you enjoy the great PITA Shadow Box. Bwahhhhhhh, so sad it’s not me. . .but, I’m so glad that our PITA QUEEN has given us the way to make our own. “Give a Man a Fish. . .Teach him how to Fish. . .” Thank you Kathy for all you do for us.

  8. Congrats Mel!

  9. yea mel!!!!!

  10. CONGRATS MEL!!!!!!!!!!

    Kathy – Already having withdrawals – soooooo sad no class Saturday!!!! Guess us PITA’S need to start a 12 step program for withdrawals of Kathy our PITA QUEEN! (hahahahaha) I don’t care who you are that stuff was funny!

  11. Lucky girl!!!! Congrats, Mel!!!


  12. Congrat’s Mel. Way to go.

    Chris (incleve)

  13. yay Mel! Now you can touch and feel the “not-so-bumpy” hot glue!

  14. Congrats Mel! That’s an awesome prize!!

  15. Congrats Mel!!

  16. Congratulations Mel to have an original Pita Queen design is super fantastic. Boo hoo I’m just so jealous… No really cherish it as all Kathy’s designs should be…

  17. Congratulations Mel!

  18. Thanks Kathy! I am so happy! I will hang the PITA sign with pride in my room.

  19. Congrats!!! Mel!!! Take Care!!

  20. Congrats Mel, way to go!

  21. Woo Hoo, congratulations, Mel. Enjoy your frame!!!

  22. Congrats, Mel! We’re all jealous! Grrr!

  23. congrats mel. you won kathy’s autographed frame. so cool.

  24. Hi Kathy, looking forward to our next class.Congrats Mel.

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