Open if you Dare- Shadow Box Embellishments Kit

This Class is this coming Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 8PM CST
Shadow Box Kit Class
Embellishment kit Only $35


  1. Kathy, I watched your class for the first time the other night when you did the $1 spot Michael envelope project. Girl, you are a hoot! All of the ladies that participate are super fun too – however, they’re not very FOCUSED! LMAO Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks.

  2. How cute are the emblies! I have to admit thoough, that crow kinda scares me! LOL Can’t wait for the class, I think this is an awesome project…

  3. Love it! As always way over and above the call for perfection on the kits and even the embellie kits! Super job, Queen.

  4. oH i Can hardly WAIT till I have money so I can buy buy BUY from you!!!! Can’t wait!!! I’ll be there for class!

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