Class in One hour!!!!

Class tonight– 7PM CST !!!

Click here to WATCH The CLASS


  1. Kathy, HAD A GREAT TIME LAST NIGHT! Incredible Fun. I will be making a clutch tonight! Love it!

  2. Kathy, sorry I missed class, but I had an excuse….I had to stay after school to work on 150 student Health Records! I will catch you on the tape, although it isn’t as much fun as live. I even made a special trip to Michaels to get the cards yesterday! Hope you had a Great 1st Wedding Anniversary yesterday.


  3. ardelle– the contact button is on your left– the one in the frame that says email me. I email the tutorials. I will do that shortly. As for the gypsy file. You must have a gypsy and the cartridge to cut the file. do you have a gypsy? My email address is or

  4. I like your blog. I downloaded the witch hat, but with a .gypsy ending on it, I cannot open it. I also bought the tuturial for the Uptown Girl Handbag, and do not know where to find it at this point. Please advise…. a “contact me” button would be nice on a site where one buys something.

  5. I’ll be in class!

  6. OH, Kathy! I want to see your class…but my beloved Chicago Bears are playing tonight! And they’re playing our rival Green Bay Packers…I just can’t miss it. I hope you record it so us Bear fans can watch later 🙂

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