Monday Night Football Class

Hi Everyone– Today, get ready for the Monday, night Football crop. We are making a super special project. This project was inspired by Bug Junkie’s Barn Exploding Box. Well I am sharing my take on it. Check out my Haunted House Exploding box. This is my First exploding box EVA!!!! I love how it turned out and I am gonna share it with you.

Join me Today at 7PM CST. Don’t be late!!!!

Here is the Link to my Ustream Class


  1. So super cute, I tried to join in on the class , but my computer is toooooo slow. I’m watching it today. Where can I find the cut file you mentioned?? Thank you for another awesome class. You are so fun to watch!!

  2. Another Awesome class! I had to leave for a bit and came back to say bye and you all were gone, class over, out of there, LOL! Thanks for the credit and a fabulous take on it.

  3. Yes Mini Monsters!!!! LOL!!1 Thanks for the corrections Vernetta.


  5. Do you mean the Mini Monsters cart? Unless there is a new one I don’t know about!

  6. You are just too much fun, Girlfriend! I wish I was going to be at home….. I’m headed to Orlando for the launch of the IMAGINE…. I’ll try to pop in if I get over to Kristi’s in time. Love you bunches!!

  7. That looks cool- can’t wait to see what is inside. See you at the class.

  8. We are using the Monster Mash Cart!!!!

  9. A scary exploding house… Way to cute!
    Sounds like a fun class… Hope I can make it! It will be 5pm at my house and hubby will want his dinner:) We will see what goes.

  10. Looks like it will be fun, What cartridge will you be using?

  11. bootastic project! can’t wait fo this one!

  12. Sounds like fun… but that’s 5pm at my house. So we’ll see how it goes. Hubby might be a bit upset if I’m sitting at the computuh during dinnuh time. Ya know what I mean?
    Hope to see you latuh…. 🙂

  13. I can’t wait to knock on Scary House’s door. See you tonight.


  14. Sounds like fun can’t wait

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