Class & Peep Show Tonight

Hi Everyone– class is in session tonight, August 21st at 8PM CST. We are making the mini Back Pack album. Make sure you are early because we are having a PEEP SHOW!!!!!!


  1. Kathy, I was so sadded to hear about your Mother, but am very pleased that she is doing so well after her surgery … I’m sure this has weighed heavily on you. Sending lots of prayers and warm thoughts your way and wishes for your mother’s speedy recovery.


  2. darn I missed the peep show! I tried to hard to make it live but I just couldnt!!! Maybe next time…you are mad skilled girl!

    talk to you soon!! yay!
    God Bless and huggs

  3. Just finished my backpack mini. And I LOVE IT! Can’t wait ti get my diaper bag kits and do those. So excited for your classes

  4. Hey! I have a blog award for you! Hop over to my blog to get it: 🙂

  5. Class was a blast. I sent an email asking for a kit for the shadowbox. Can’t wait for that one. I love halloween also. Thank you so much for all you do.

  6. Love the new look of your blog, Kathy! The banner is FAB! 🙂

    Your class was fun last night 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Great class! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the sneak peaks. Can’t wait for them. But all your projects are amazing

  8. Thanks for the class last night Kathy…it was my first time and it was a blast!!! I’ll try to make it to part 2 today!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can some one please please tell me where we get the kit?

  10. Class was amazing as always. All of your projects are so well thought out, every detail, every nook and cranny addressed. That is what makes you the QUEEN!!!

  11. I’ll be there!

  12. cant wait se ya there

  13. Off to my second children’s party of the day and hope to be back in time to log in so I don’t get SWATTED!

  14. Can’t wait!!!!!! See you all tonight.

  15. I have watched most everyone of your ustreams but for some reason I can’t ever log in. Is there a trick?

  16. Wende and you both are a TEASE!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop it some more!

  17. I can’t wait. I am being a good student all day so I can come play with the Pitas!! Plus, who would want to miss the peep show!! lol!!

  18. Yea! A Peep Show – I hope it’s scary!

  19. LOL, this is so funny! Can’t wait til tonite!

  20. NO PEEK…NO FAIR!!!


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