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Hi Everyone — Our fellow PITA has offered to share her Cricut Design Studio files for those of you that do not have a Gypsy. Thank you so much Tuki– that is really super awesome of you. Please everyone remember that this is something she has offered to do out of the kindness of her heart.

If you are interested in the files, please click on the Ask Tuki button on the right side bar and request the files.

Please join me in showing our appreciation to TUKI!!!! PITA Babes Rock!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I came across you blog recently and saw your wedding album and fell in love with it. I want to make it as a gift for my friend on his wedding. Can u tell me where I can get the files.

  2. Thanks Tuki, I would love a copy so I can make this beautiful wedding album. That is so thoughtful of you to do this for everyone, your the best
    Thanks Annette

  3. Thank You so much Tuki!!! I have tried to find someone that I could borrow the cartridges from and I have failed at everything I have tried. I was about to give up on making the wedding mini but because you are so sweet now I can. I saw the post a couple days ago but I thought I would still need a gypsy. I was looking at the blog and seen where this is for people that don’t have a gypsy and that is me. You are such an angel!!! Thank You sooo Much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you Tuki and of course you too Cathy,
    bamagurl1999 at g mail dot com

  4. Thats so sweet of you TUKI,

    jmmaley at comcast dot net

  5. Hi Tuki,
    This is my first class with Kathy and I can’t wait. I would love the cut files. Thanks so much

  6. Tuki,

    Your the best. That is very kind of you to do the conversion for us non-gypsy people. Also thank you for the back up measurements on the U-Streams for our amazing teacher Kathy.

    Chris (inCleve)
    PITA babe

  7. Tuki is truly AMAZING!!!!!! She is soooo sweet and thoughtful to do this for everyone. Sending her hugs and Kathy too for all she does for us to. They are the BEST!!!!!

  8. Tuki, you are awesome!! *hugs*


  9. Hi Kathy !
    I don’t know how to reach you by e-m…. I just want to say thanks for your classes, I finally made my own Mini Album with paper bags, I posted something about your link into my blog.
    Here is my blog:

    Again; Thank you so much girl !
    Maria Elena.-

  10. Oh my goodness, you ladies are just way too sweet. Thank you so much for your kind comments, they make my heart leap with joy!!! 🙂

    Have a great day!!!

  11. Had a question if we dont have a bind it all or any other machine what can we use in its place. Pita Gal!!!!

  12. Tuki, thanks so much for sharing your files!! It’s great that Kathy has a right hand PITA GAL!!


  13. Tuki…you are one awesome chick..thanks so much the DS works for me….luv this blog..the only place where my hubby and I have a fun time watching ustream together….

  14. Awww Tuki! Your the Sweetest! Thanks for all the DS files you have sent me previously. If you could send this file to me I would appreciate it!

  15. Thanks Tuki! I would love the DS file please:)


  16. Tuki you Rock and she is the best!!! Perfecto!!!
    Go Tuku Go Tuki Go Tuki
    Karla (please Tuki can you send me the files, thanks Pita Girl

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  18. YEAH for TUKI. You are the best for doing this. See you on Saturday!

    Pita Babes Gone Wild

  19. Thanks Tuki. You are amazing! I can’t believe how fast you replied. You are a star.

  20. That is so super sweet of you Tuki to do this for everyone!!!!!

  21. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your are so very kind to do this. I really appreciate it. Again Thanks

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Tuki for the kindness of your heart. I am interested in the cut files for the DS. Thanks again…


  23. Thank you Tuki, you are so sweet!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Tuki for all of your efforts. Not only are you the Keeper of the Measurements, now you are also the PITA Converter in Chief. You the Princess to our Queen. I bow down to you.


  25. Thank you Tuki. I’m really going to enjoy these.

  26. Oh fabulous! I was hoping someone had Design studio… I am so excited Thanks so much.

  27. Hi Tuki! You are so kind – I do not have DS yet… but wanted to say you are very thoughtful.
    (luv2scrap44 on the tube cast)

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