This is why I needed the Lace

Hi Babes!!!! This is why I needed the Lace- This is a sneaky Peeky of the Album Cover. I will be finishing it today and posting the kit tonight. Late tonight as I have to go out with my honey!!! Hugs my Friends. Talk to you soon!!!!


  1. WOW!!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Definitely worth the wait!! You are such a tease!!! hahaha Can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous! luv your minis. and your Ustreams are such fun to watch…your blog is the only one my hubby will listen to or watch..he geta a kick out of your laughter and he start laughing too….thanks for sharing your talent with us.. 🙂


  4. Gorgeous! I. can’t wait to see the whole thing

  5. Wow!! Beau-ti-ful!! You wouldn’t believe how close to my wedding dress this looks like! I’ve got to make this album. Can’t wait to start this mini.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So amazing. Love the couple as a cover to the album. This is the way we start out when we get married. Can’t wait to see all of the goodies inside.


  7. Beautiful! Can’t wait to recreate it with you!!


  8. this is so awesome! I want your creativity when I grow up! LOL! You are so great!

  9. Oh my, this is gorgeous!!

  10. this was so worth the wait! Can’t wait to make this one.

  11. It was SOOO worth the wait! I absolutely LOVE that dress. I can’t wait for this class….it is going to be soo much fun. Thanks again for sharing and I hope you had a great time with your hubby.

  12. I’m in complete awe! this is beautiful. You are by far the most creative person I know. Keep it up. You inspire me as well as many others.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of this

  13. I don’t even know what to say that hasn’t already been said! Your brain must never shut off! Even when you are sleeping! I can’t wait to see the album cover either! Great work, Kathy!

  14. That is one of the most stunning wedding cards I’ve ever laid my eyes on! GORGEOUS!

  15. WOWWEE!!! Beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see the whole album!!! A great job, as usual!!!

    Blessings and hugs from one of the Pita Babes Gone Wild!!


  16. It is beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the album

  17. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see all of it!

  19. Gorgeous. Wow!!!!!!!

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  21. Kathy! Well worth the wait! It is bea-u-ti-FUL!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest. Have fun tonight and hopefully I’ll be up to check in later.


  22. Wow! That is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the mini!

  23. Ok – that was worth the wait.

  24. Kathy esta hermoso, wao wao esperare esta noche para verlo completado, disfruta con tu Honey, saludos

  25. Anonymous says:

    That is just cute! I love it! I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for everything! Sandy G

  26. Wow, wow, wow, beautiful, so worth the wait for the slow boat from China, Kathy that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun with your Honey and can’t wait for the kit.

  27. Anonymous says:

    That is so beautiful..cant wait to see the rest of it. Love ya have a great evening..

  28. Oh wow – that is gorgeous!!!

  29. wow Kathy that is super cute i love it i just love ur work

  30. All I can say is OMG! Girl, you are so creative.

  31. Ms. Kathy!

    Beautiful! Guess without the lace she’d look naked! Anxiously looking forward to tonight.


  32. Oh my goodness!!! This is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the rest!!

  33. Hey, this looks like one of my daughters’ gowns, lol. Truly beautiful Kathi. TFS, Mary M

  34. HOLY MOLY!!!! this is GORGEOUS!!!!

  35. Wow, that was worth the wait!! Can’t wait for later tonight…Have fun with your honey!!



  37. Anonymous says:

    Kathy, that is gorgeous!!

    Sherry in KC

  38. OMG!! Way cute!!… Really looking forward to seeing the rest:)

  39. Wow! That is beautiful. I am so excited about this book!!!!!!!!

  40. beautiful

  41. Wow!!!! Love it Kathy!! You’re right… was worth waiting for the Lace!!!! We can be such PITA’S sometimes!!! lol!!


  42. I love love love Ken and Barbie! Another great job.

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