Summer Nights Ustream Class Today!!!!

Join me Today at 12PM CST for the Summer Nights Class

Online video chat by Ustream

Click on the link below if you would like to participate in the Chat!!! It is a Blast!—beautiful


  1. Kathy, another great class as usual!!! You never disappoint!

    I can’t wait to see the Haunted House for Halloween, I can only imagine what you’ve come up with.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Another great episode with Kathy! LOl , learning and laughing so much! Thanks Kathy!

  3. Kathy – I couldn’t find your email. If I’m not too late please save me a kit for the wedding album. Thanks again for everything.

    Granny Hice

  4. Kat i tried to use your email but it wont go through please save me a kit for the wedding email is this will be perfect. i got all my pictures in aboxhes been gone 3 yrs but it seems just like yesterday. he passed away 2 days after my birthday april the 16 so you see taking your classes and getting togeather with the gals gives me so much will be my bff. thank keep me busy by going out and looking for paper and other stuf for the classes ThankYou from the bottom of my HEART””

  5. I love the class today!!! thanks girl you rock

  6. Zelda said — I don’t know how I got the JC. This is a fun mini!

  7. THANK YOU KATHY FOR ANOTHER GREAT CLASS!!! This was my 2nd class and it was WONDERFUL!!! Learned alot and laughed alot!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kathy thank you for the wonderful class loved it

  9. Thanks for another awesome class Kathy!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Loved both classes… Danceforjoyalways at yahoo dot com

  11. Loved the class today. Thanks Kathy

  12. Anonymous says:

    You are such a sweetie, -melissa, aka Doxie

  13. Such a fun class as usual!! OH BTW You are gorgeous!!!

    Love ya, Candi

  14. another absolutely fantastic class Kathy! and yes you are gorgeous, lol! I can’t wait to make this mini. I had to work today, so watched you when I got home. But, I can see you tomorrow! Can’t wait……

  15. Watching this after the fact. Still having fun. Thanks

  16. Really enjoy your classes… Your a hoot!
    Keep on truckin’ with your firecracker classes
    and your wonderful ideas! The classes are so much fun!

    Ellen aka Lashai

  17. Hi Kathy, I was so disappointed I missed your class today. Had to do the like stuff like taking Otto and Emma to the groomer, pharmacy, blah blah. totally loved everyones comments.

  18. Hi Kathy, I miss the class today!!! mis all the fun girls sorry!!! My baby was stick, but I hope to see you all tomorrow!!! Love the video!!!

  19. You are FaBuLous!!!! Thanks for your tutorials.

  20. Another great class!!! Thanks!!!


  21. good class today thanks

  22. having a great time! can we get a list of future carts needed for future classes?

  23. Love your classes! So fun and FUNNY!

  24. Love it 🙂

  25. Anonymous says:

    Loving you classes… can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for everything.



  27. Love the class. Thanks

  28. loving the summer mini! Great job!!!!!!! not the ustream video is messing up. Ugh!
    We reall all need a tshirt that says PITA BABES GONE WILD!

  29. love your energy!

  30. My husband is mesmerized watching the UStream…i’ve neer seen him live this.

  31. leaving a message…can’t wait to see the finished Zen Garden Mini.

  32. Another great class. Thanks so much!
    Granny Hice

  33. Thanks for the fun, Kathy!! PITA babes ROCK!!

  34. omg!…love this mini!…but i love all your minis!…

  35. Awesome class Kathy,Thanks!! Cant wait to finish my mini, its so beautiful.


  36. Thanks so much Kathy. Love your books.

  37. Total blast as always Kathy!! I loved it!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!


  38. Loving this album. So need to get started on this.

  39. Lov, love the summer mini!!!!!!!!!!!! You did an awesome job as always!!!!!! Thanks for the class, had such a blast. Going to make a tee that says PITA BABES GONE WILD and wear it with pride 🙂

  40. This was my first class and it was awesome and learned alot!!! What a blast!!!! Thanks Kathy for all the fun!!!

  41. My first time to your ustream…ABSOLUTELY LOVIN IT

  42. I am having way too much fun… thanks Kathy, you’re FAB!!!


  43. Hi Kathy,

    This album is turning out soo cute! Can’t wait to try it myself.

    Thanks again!

  44. This class was such a HOOT! Your are so funny and creative! Love being here on Saturday with everyone!.


  45. I love this book. Please pic me.

  46. Thanks for all the time you spend with us. We love your classes and entertainment…

  47. Ready for the bling.

  48. THis is my first class of yours I have watched! You are sooooo funny! I love the burlup flowers you made! WHOW!!!

  49. love your classes and the chat is so funny

  50. i had so much fun with ya guys today can wait onto the next class

  51. Hi Kathy,

    Love your class and every one too.

    Chris B

  52. Loving the class Kathy! You are the best 🙂 This little album is so adorable!

    Debra aka One of Kathy’s

  53. Oh wish me luck! Love your class! Tazza – DevilishDesigns

  54. Anonymous says:

    Wish I was in from the start missed the first half. Love this album. did not get the kit but was able to get the materials. Yipee!

    Lisa T
    Guyland Gal

  55. Just love you minis! And the chats are soo much fun!

  56. The class has been FANTASTIC!!! You’re so very funny–and so great! I love learning from you.

  57. Can hardly wait until 1:00 EST.

  58. Although I love your classes I will miss today, I have lunch with a friend, but I will watch the recorded and watch tomorrow if it is continued. Have fun and be naughty as always. LOL!!

    Chai Dackermann

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