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Everyday Kit Club 21


Random Memories

June, July and August 2018


Join me for another round of amazing Projects with supply kits shipped right to your door!


This Everyday Kit Club will be a fun mix of themes.  Think “beach”, “flowers” and of course a project for “everyday. This kit will include all-around “good for any occasion” Projects.


What you get when you join the Everyday Kit Club:

3 wonderfully curated project kits complete with all the materials needed to recreate 3 main themed Projects.

Below is an example of the quality materials included in your kits:


Maker Basics™ Cardstock

Patterned Paper


and so much more!

Please note that tools and adhesive are not included in your kit. If you need adhesive, please check out the Trinkets & Treats category in the Shop.  I offer a great deal on scor-Tape, which is my preferred adhesive.

3 comprehensive written tutorials with step by step instructions and full-color photos.

Numerous videos that support the written tutorials.  The instructional videos show the construction process of the project, from beginning to end.  It’s like having me craft right along with you!  I don’t edit my videos, so you will see me go through the process of making the project, mistakes and all!

3 wonderful Bonus Projects – tutorials & videos are included in your Membership, but materials for these Bonus Projects are not necessarily included.  Members may use the leftover materials from main Projects to complete the Bonus Projects.

Unlimited access to the Project folder on where all 6 Projects/Bonus Projects are. See further information below to learn about

Paper Phenomenon Projects are always unique and offer the

Paper Phenomenon twist!

I pride myself on providing you, my fellow crafters, new, fun & unique Projects.


How does the Everyday Kit Club Membership work?

  • Invite – In June 2018 you will receive an invite to the project folder on for EKC21 Random Memories.  This folder will be your go-to location for all the information you need for each project.

If you already have a account you may not receive the email invite.  Just log onto in June 2018 to check your account.

  • Payment – Everyday Kit Club 21 membership fee is $250 plus shipping. There are 3 payment options:

– Paid in full

– 2 installments

– 3 installments

If you choose the installment option, you will be billed on the 15th day of the following month for the next installment. Installment payments are charged an additional $2 per installment for PayPal/credit card fees.

Please note: membership must be paid in full before the first kit ships.

  • Shipping – You will be invoiced via PayPal for shipping charges. There are typically 3 boxes shipped to your home.  That means you will be billed 3 times, approximately a week or so before each kit is ready to ship.

There may be an instance where a 4th package is needed to ship all your kit materials. You will be notified if a 4th package is necessary.

Rates are:

– USA shipping: $14 per kit

– International shipping: approximately $45 – $75 per kit

We ship via USPS.

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